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How to create a knockout début album


Copyright EMI; used solely to illustrate the subject in the context of an album review, and consistent with Fair Use Doctrine. I unfortunately only have the 1983 American repackaging of this LP (which doesn’t have the same cover art), and thus can’t take a picture of my own album to showcase the cover art.

Some of my readers might remember 10 August is Duran Duran Appreciation Day (a totally real holiday). This year, I decided to review the band’s incredible début album (which is now 35 years old) on Monday, and on the actual holiday, I’ll finally be sharing my story of how this proud classic rock and pop fan ended up becoming a Duranie at the age of 31. I can’t believe this year makes it five years I’ve been a fan already!

Released 15 June 1981, this eponymous début was initially only a success in the U.K. It was released in the U.S. with some modifications (“To the Shore” got the chop, and the Night Version of “Planet Earth” was used instead of the single version), but it wasn’t a success. Meanwhile, back in the U.K., the album reached #3, and spent 117 weeks in the Top 100.

Following the band’s U.S. success with their awesome sophomore album Rio, their début was released again in 1983, with the current single “Is There Something I Should Know?” substituted for “To the Shore.” This time, it reached #10, and stayed on the Billboard 200 for 87 weeks.


Thanks to Spotify, I now have access to the deluxe 2010 reissue, with tons of awesome bonus tracks. I’ll always be a vinyl person, but I can’t complain about MP3 music when it’s free and it has so much extra content!

 Track listing, with stars by the bonus tracks:

“Girls on Film” (their Top 10 breakthrough in the U.K., and a #5)
“Planet Earth” (their début single, reaching #12)
“Anyone Out There” (kind of reminds me, thematically, of The Beatles’ “No Reply”)
“To the Shore” (such a gorgeous, underrated song!)
“Careless Memories” (their second U.K. single, released 20 April 1981, but a relative flop at #37)
“Night Boat” (a song I hated at first, since the video is really weird even by my standards)
“Sound of Thunder”
“Friends of Mine”
“Tel Aviv” (instrumental)
“Late Bar”* (the B-side of “Planet Earth”)
“Khanada”* (The B-side of “Careless Memories,” and the name of my current journal. It’s pronounced Ka-NAY-da, not like the name of the country.)
“Fame”* (originally done by David Bowie)
“Faster Than Light”* (the B-side of “Girls on Film”)
“Girls on Film” (Air Studio version)*
“Tel Aviv” (Air Studio version, with lyrics. It’s a completely different song from the instrumental, not just because this one has lyrics.)*
“Anyone Out There” (Manchester Square Demo version)*
“Planet Earth” (Manchester Square Demo version)*
“Friends of Mine” (Manchester Square Demo version)*
“Late Bar” (Manchester Square Demo version)*
“Night Boat” (BBC Radio 1 Peter Powell session)*
“Like an Angel” (BBC Radio 1 Peter Powell session)*
“Planet Earth” (Night Version)*
“Girls on Film” (extended Night Version)*
“Planet Earth” (Night Mix)*
“Girls on Film” (Night Mix)*

A Night Version is an extended dance remix, intended to be played in a nightclub. They’re basically longer versions of the songs with more instrumental breaks.

The album was recorded in December 1980. It was difficult to keep recording after getting the news of John Lennon’s murder, but they pressed on to complete the album.

It’s been said women tend to prefer Rio, while men tend to prefer the début album. Originally, I preferred the poppier Rio, but now I’ve switched and prefer the rockier sound of their début. I also like the darker tone to Simon’s voice on this album; as it was pointed out in a blog post on The Daily Duranie awhile ago, most of the rest of the band’s songs were written in a higher register than his natural key. Those songs are awesome and make his voice very recognisable, but I wish he would’ve stayed with this key for more songs.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to this album as a writing soundtrack! It’s just so atmospheric and insistent. It’s a 5-star album, no question.


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8 thoughts on “How to create a knockout début album

  1. Wonderful post! I’m a huge fan of 80s music, too, and would say that the Sirius Satellite channel “80s on 8” is one of the top ten most common stations for me to listen to. Duran Duran pops up often there – natch! 🙂

    xoxo ♥ Jessica


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