Writing Samples

I decided to make a static page with links to some of my favorite longer stories and excerpts I’ve featured here. It may be updated periodically.

Kálmán Runs Away (teenage Hungarian Shoah survivors in France, April 1946) WINNER of a short story contest at YA Stands!

Daphne’s Marriage Predictably Immediately Begins Failing (June 1998, timewarped 17-year-old awaits and starts marriage everyone was advising against, even a ghost)

Kit’s Revenge (Summer 1942, very feisty young girl takes matters into her own hands when she discovers her pathetic boyfriend is on a date with one of her most-hated friends)

Halloween 1959 (Lower East Side)

Rendezvous with Destiny (Summer 1964, my fictional imagining of the story that inspired The Four Seasons’ song “Rag Doll”)

Orthodox Christmas 1925 (Russian immigrants in Lower East Side)


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