Vintage bike ads and photos

Since I didn’t have enough time to put together a proper post, here are some of my vintage bike ads and photos to enjoy.

I’m glad they don’t look like that anymore!


I would not want to ride that!

Nor that!

I’d buy that just for the dinosaurs!

Tandem bikes have come a long way since 1869!

Are kids allowed to ride bikes to school anymore, or do their helicopter parents forbid it?

Check out those prices!

No comment!

I’d love a vintage Schwinn bike.

It seems like Schwinn’s best bikes were made for kids, without adult versions.

I wish more vintage bike ads had shown girls.

Speaking of females and bikes! It seems like this ad is saying the Duplex will prevent a sexually stimulating feeling during biking.

As though their competitors weren’t all claiming to be the best too!