Horny Hump Day—Vera and Vsevolod

Warning: Not safe for work or appropriate for those under 18!

My snippet for Horny Hump Day this week takes place a few chapters after last week’s. This is now Vera and Vsevolod’s wedding night, 1 October 1933, which is also Vsevolod’s 27th birthday. He formally proposed to her after their first time and had wanted to marry her since they met, but the wedding date was moved up slightly after Vera discovered she was pregnant. Now they’re finally able to spend the night together again without worrying about a potential scandal.


Véra shivers with anticipation at the touch of her new husband’s hands under her slip and camisole as he slides them off of her.  There’s something reverential about the way he touches her, like he still can’t believe he’s lucky enough to get to touch a naked woman and be this close to her.  She closes her eyes and focuses on the sensations as she responds in kind.


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My ex-“fiancé” didn’t kiss me till two years and seven months into our dysfunctional, red-flags-littered relationship, in spite of having done everything else well before that. Even after he finally started kissing me, it wasn’t very often, and it wasn’t deep, passionate, or even really good. A kid in junior high wouldn’t even execute a five-second, closed-mouth kiss. (This is the same guy who never gets off from any sort of partnersex.) I felt angry about this the entire time, and knew it wasn’t normal, but stayed way longer than most people would’ve. Hopefully I’ll someday find another guy who sees me as more than a friend and one of the guys, who actually knows how to kiss properly, and does it passionately and often. Anyway.

This is a scene from my WIP, my third Russian historical novel, Journey Through a Dark Forest, Chapter 12, “Release from Misery.” One of my favorite subplots was the love story of Vera and Vsevolod, two people in their upper twenties who were despairing of ever marrying. They met in 1933, when a 28-year-old like Vera was considered an old maid, not a desirable date. But to 26-year-old Vsevolod, she’s his dream woman who was kept single so long because they didn’t get a chance to meet yet, and she was being saved specially for him.

The Fourth of July is their seventh date, and after getting a tour of her basement apartment at the end of the date, Vsevolod presses his luck and asks for a goodnight kiss.


“I suppose you’d like to get home now, instead of talking politics so late at night.  Would you like me to walk you to the door, or do you prefer to just walk out yourself?  I won’t be offended if you just walk out.” She gets up to shut the light off and then sits back on her bed.

He looks around the room, his heart beating rapidly. “I was actually sort of wondering if, uh, well, you know, if I might be permitted, after seven dates, to, um, be honored with a goodnight kiss.” He immediately looks at the wall. “Sorry if I spoke too boldly or offended you.”

“Look at me, Séva.  Do I look like I’m offended?  I was wondering when you’d push your luck and ask for that, though I’m also actually very flattered that you waited so long.  A lot of men these days expect that on the first date, and think you’re a cold fish if you’re not interested.” She pats the spot next to her. “Have a seat and I’ll give you a little lesson.  Of course, I don’t know very much either.  I don’t know how to do it passionately like they do in the movies, but at least I know more than you.”

He takes a seat beside her, his whole body trembling.

“Now just close your eyes and try to relax.  You never want to have a tight, entirely closed mouth when you romantically kiss someone.  And you have to lean your head to the opposite side of the other person, so you don’t bang heads.  You never want to jut out your teeth.”

“You’re making me even more nervous,” he complains. “I didn’t think there were so many rules and regulations.”

“You internalize the rules as you get more practice, and don’t even need to consciously think of following them.  You just instinctively do them.  I’d advise you to just be completely passive and let me do it at first.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s usually better to just follow along.  Then you can try to copy what I’m doing, when you feel a little more self-confident.”

Vsevolod closes his eyes, hoping he doesn’t pass out from nerves.  Every millisecond seems to last an eternity as he’s waiting.  He feels a tingling sensation, like being tickled by butterflies, when Véra kisses him.  The huge smile on his face tells her all she needs to know, and she does it again several more times, each time a little longer than the last.  When he finally feels emboldened enough to try kissing her back, he puts his arms around her.  He isn’t expecting her to pull him down on top of her and to slip her tongue into his mouth.  These incredible new sensations increase in intensity when Véra begins moaning softly, the vibrations caressing his mouth like electrical currents.

Horny Hump Day—Vera and Vsevolod

Warning:  Not safe for work or appropriate for those under 18!

My teaser for Horny Hump Day this week comes a few lines after last week’s. Fairly new couple Vera and Vsevolod ended up going all the way after what started as just a goodnight kiss, and there’s no going back now. Vsevolod has asked if it hurts, and promises he’ll be very gentle.

I used the term “gliding friction” after doing some second-hand research to find out how it feels to be with an uncircumcised man. For obvious cultural reasons, almost none of the men or boys in my Russian novels are circumcised.


Véra digs her hands into his shoulders and gazes into his eyes as he moves gently and slowly, true to his word.  Gradually, the feeling of pressure gives way to the pleasant sensation of gliding friction, and she begins breathing hard and fast in time with him.  Then she feels a warm, throbbing sensation, and it’s over.

Horny Hump Day—Vera and Vsevolod

Warning: Not safe for work or appropriate for those under 18!

My teaser for Horny Hump Day this week comes a few lines after last week’s, as antique virgins Vera and Vsevolod, in their upper twenties, are heavily making out as they finally have a channel for all those years of unrealized sexual energy. It started out as a kiss goodnight, and then one thing kept leading to the other.


Véra lets him remove her skirt, throbbing with more and more desire by the second.  She pulls his face down towards hers and begins kissing him again as she parts her legs for him to explore her final frontier.  She’s not even thinking, carried only by instincts, as she arches her hips up for him to come into her.

Sweet Saturday Samples—Misunderstanding Straightened Out

This week’s excerpt for Sweet Saturday Samples is another excerpt from Chapter 38 of The Twelfth Time. Lyuba’s stepsister Alla has gone into labor, and her husband Daniil has called Lyuba and all her sisters so they can come over to the house. While Natalya is on her way to catch the bus, she runs into the young man she had a crush on till she discovered what she thought was his girlfriend.


While Véra goes out to wait for the bus, Natálya locks up their basement apartment and sees her crush across the way as she’s coming up the stairs leading to the street.  He smiles at her again, and she ignores him.  Just days ago she saw him in public with an older woman who didn’t exactly look like his mother.

“Hello,” he says as he catches up with her. “I have seen you a few places.  You are very pretty.  You have green eyes like my sister.”

“I’m sorry, but you have me confused for someone who’s interested in guys who already have girlfriends.  I was raised better than that.”

“Oh, no, you not understand.  The woman you see me with at Macy’s is my big sister Yeléna.  We live here together.  She is not my blood sister, but we are all we have of family now.  She live with my family in Siberia for eight years, since I am young boy.  We move here from San Francisco last month.  My name is Rostislav.  What is your name?”

Natálya looks at him a little more kindly. “You don’t have to speak English to me,” she says in Russian. “I also come from Russia.  I’ve been here since May of ’21.  My name is Natálya.  I live in that building with my sister Véra.  Right now we have to get on a bus to support one of our other sisters.  She’s having a baby.”

“Where are you from?  I’m from a small town called Bulun, by the Léna River.  We lived among a lot of native Siberians.  My adoptive sister and I love America.  I never lived in a civilized place, and she was away from civilization for eleven years.”

“My family is from Pskov, but I was born in Moskvá.  I went through a bunch of orphanages in various places with two of my sisters.  Now we live here.  May I please get going now?”

“My adoptive sister is from Pskov too.  Maybe later you can tell me more about the city?  All I know about Russia is Siberia.  We didn’t even go through civilization on our way out.  We went through the rest of Siberia and had to go through most of Alaska on a dogsled, till we got to the nearest train station.”

“That’s all very interesting, but right now I need to go to my sister Álla’s house.  The bus will be here any minute.”

“Oh, yes.  Sorry I have delayed you on your way.  I hope I get to see you again soon, pretty girl.”


“By the way, I like your new haircut.  You look even prettier than when I first saw you.  You look older and taller with short waved hair.  My big sister wears her hair long, but she’s a lot older than I am, and she’s a ballerina besides.  She’s expected to have long hair.  How old are you?”

“I just turned twenty.”

“I am nineteen.  I hope you don’t mind being courted by someone who’s a little younger?”

“No, but I really have to run to my bus now.”

“Of course.  I’ll come by to see you sometime, if you don’t mind.  I’ll remember your address.”

Natálya smiles at him as she rushes off to join Véra.  They get on the bus at the end of the line and have to make do with seats at the very back of the bottom level.

“I think I’ve made a conquest!”

“That guy we’ve seen a few times?  Did he tell you who the other woman was?”

“It’s his adoptive older sister he lives with.  He says they lived in a place in Siberia called Bulun, and they moved here from San Francisco in April.  I didn’t ask how long he’s been in America, but I guessed not very long.  His English wasn’t so perfect, before he realized I’m Russian too.  He says he’ll come by to see me again.  His name’s Rostislav.”

“What a nice Slavic name.  I always liked our own native names more than the ones we got from other cultures and just Russified.  Let’s hope he proves himself worthy of you.”