Halloween Horny Hump Day—Daphne’s Horror


Warning: Not safe for work or appropriate for those under 18!

In honor of Halloween, this week’s Horny Hump Day is a bit of erotic horror. This is from Saga VI (the Nineties) of my handwritten magnum opus Cinnimin, and features one of the numerous grandchildren of the title character on her wedding night. Daphne thought she knew better than everyone and went ahead with her childishly-thought-out plans to marry her high school boyfriend almost right after graduation.

Shortly before the wedding, the ghost of Daphne’s 13-greats-grandma appeared to her and begged her to call off the wedding, but Daphne not only refused, but invoked her wrath and earned herself the first of several curses. A number of funny things happened during the wedding ceremony, but now comes the icing on the cake, the unconsummated marriage Daphne was cursed with.

In comparison to Justine in last week’s snippet, Daphne doesn’t exactly have the same excited, positive attitude towards her would-be lover’s male member! This is particularly ironic because Daphne’s paternal grandma Kit is a notoriously sexual woman, who made her sexual debut at a very precocious age and is still a vixen now in her sixties (albeit only with her husband these days). Kit did try to warn Daphne that this might happen.


Daphne let out a blood-curdling scream at the sight of Berus’s erection. She hid her face for a minute, and when she saw that it was still there, she screamed even louder.

“That wasn’t exactly the reaction I was hoping for.”