This is an alphabetical cataloguing of my book-related posts which aren’t full book reviews. Feel free to let me know if there are any topics you’d like me to cover in future posts!

2012 in Review
2013 in Review
2015 in Review, Part I: Books Read
2017 in Review (Books Read)
2019 in review (Reading)
2020 in review (Reading, Part I)
2020 in review (Reading, Part II)
2020 in review (Reading, Part III)

Age-based category problems
Assorted thoughts on the Five Little Peppers series

Buccaneer Blogfest: Favorite writers
Buccaneer Blogfest: Reading and shelf material

Do adults not want to read about other adults anymore?
Dr. Mason of Joy in the Morning

Express Yourself: Great opening lines

Favorite book quotes
Feature and Follow Friday: Books to change the endings of
Feature and Follow Friday: Revisiting the Fragments

Has historical YA become an oxymoron?
Hist-fic doesn’t require real characters!
How to break all the rules and create a longtime international best-seller!

“In middle school forever” was a good decision?
The insidious influence of Beatrice Sparks
International Left-Handed Awareness Day and Top Ten Favorite WWII/Shoah Books

Killer Characters Blogfest
Killer Characters Blogfest, Day Two
Killer Characters Blogfest, Day Three
Kolyma vs. Archipelago

The literary Stasi pounces again (the debacle over The Cape Doctor)

Meet the new Robespierre (the debacle over A Place for Wolves)

Overall trends I dislike

Peridot anniversary

Remember when YA wasn’t a woke joke?

Secondary Characters Bloghop
Shelfie Bloghop

Through the Orwellian Looking Glass (the debacle over Blood Heir)
Top ten favorite beginnings/endings in books
Top Ten Favourite Graphic Novels
Top Ten Tuesday: All about romance types/tropes
Top Ten Tuesday: Awesome classics
Top Ten Tuesday: Best books read so far in 2013
Top Ten Tuesday: Books I almost put down but didn’t
Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d save from a fire
Top Ten Tuesday: Books that should be required reading
Top Ten Tuesday: Books with sensory reading memories
Top Ten Tuesday: Fave Book Quotes
Top Ten Tuesday: Historical settings I’d like to see more of
Top Ten Tuesday: Historicals I can’t believe I haven’t read yet
Top Ten Tuesday: Intro to Russian lit and historical fiction
Top Ten Tuesday: Most intimidating books
Top Ten Tuesday: Most-owned authors
Top Ten Tuesday Rewind: Must-read words and topics
Top Ten Tuesday: Ten book cover trends I like/dislike
Top Ten Tuesday: Ten books about friendship
Top Ten Tuesday: Ten books I will probably never read
Top Ten Tuesday: Ten DNFs
Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten book-related problems I have
Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten book turn-offs
Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten books that were hard for me to read
Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten historical settings I love and want to see more of
Top Ten Tuesday: Unread popular writers
Top Ten Tuesday: Verboten words/topics
Top Ten Tuesday: What I like and dislike about romances

Update your attitudes, not books!

When there’s not enough backstory
When you don’t click with a book in one of your preferred subgenres
Why accuracy matters so much in Shoah literature
Why historical accuracy matters
Why I’m not wild about many current YA historicals
Why I’ve cooled on the NA marketing category