Index of historical topics

Gathered here are all the posts I’ve written on historical topics. There’s some overlap between a number of my posts about writing historical fiction (both in general and regarding certain topics), but I filed them with my index of writing posts because their intended purpose was as writing guides. The posts here are meant first and foremost as presentations of historical topics.

I’ve included all my geography/travel posts, since they contain a fair bit of historical information about these cities and towns.

Abony, Hungary
Andrássy Út
The appeal of the 18th and 19th centuries
Ashkhen Agopyan

Basilica di Santa Croce
Batumi, Georgia
Béziers, France
The big universality question
Bishop Pavel Gojdič
Bystanders and the Shoah

Carl Lutz
Castle District, Budapest
The Cathedral of the Dormition and the Chrysler Imperial Touring
Cherkasy, Ukraine

Dimitar Peshev
Dr. Jozef Jaksy
Dr. Mohamed Helmy
Dr. Todor and Pandora Hadži-Mitkov
Dohány Utca Synagogue
Dorothea Neff
The Dowager Empress and the Duesenberg
Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Electrotherapy and Easter

Fereydunshahr, Iran
Frits Philips
The Fyodorovskaya Ikon of the Mother of God

Gellért Hill
Giacomo Quarenghi
The Grand Cathedral of the Winter Palace and the House of Gagarin
Grand Duchess Olga Nikolayevna
Grand Duchess Xenia (Kseniya) Aleksandrovna
Grand Duke Mikhail Aleksandrovich
Grigoriy Yevseyevich Zinovyev
Győr, Hungary

The Hardaga family of Bosnia
Homefront hardships vs. surviving genocide
L’Hôtel de la Duchesse-Anne and Hashomer Hatzair
Hudiksvall, Sweden

In memoriam
Interfaith relations in 1940s Europe
Isfahan, Iran
Ivan Vranetić
Ivy Hill Park

Jerusalem, Israel
Jewish Newark
The Jordan Staircase and Joy
José Castellanos Contreras
Jumeau dolls

Košice, Slovakia
Kutaisi, Georgia

Let’s talk about the Mengele trope
Lille, France
The lingering Germanophobia, Polonophobia, and Magyarphobia among many Shoah survivors
The Lower Dacha of Peterhof and Leo
Lower Galilee

Machal and Le Meurice
Malka (Mala) Zimetbaum
Mary Elmes
Minister Waitstill and Martha Sharp
Minsk, Belarus
More fun with vintage ads
More fun with vintage ads (Part II)
More ruminations on the Pauline Laws (what worked and what didn’t)
More vintage ads from bygone eras
My dream hobby

Nantes, France
National Stamp-Collecting Month, Part I
National Stamp-Collecting Month, Part II
Nevskiy Prospekt
Normafa and Neology
Nurse Kleopatra Pawłowska

Odžaci, Serbia
“One long soundless scream”
Ospedale di Santa Maria Nuova
Otto Weidt

Pasarét and Ponte Vecchio
The Passage and Peter and Paul Cathedral
Pirna, Germany
Prince Igor Konstantinovich and the Iverskaya Chapel
Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich the younger and the Kunstkamera
Prince Vladimir Pavlovich Paley

Qamil and Hanume Xhyheri
Queens. U.S.A.

The Red Porch, Rochet-Schneider, Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, and Russo-Baltique
Rosh HaNikra, Israel
Róża Robota
Rue de la Rosière-d’Artois and Rue Crébillon
The Russian Empire’s Pauline Laws (and why they needed revisions)

The Semicircular Hall, the Sorbonne, and St. Serafim of Sarov
Stefania Wilczyńska (Madame Stefa)
Surabaya, Indonesia
Szent János Hospital, La Samaritaine, and Sant’Ambrogio Market

The tale of an illegal abdication
Tartu, Estonia, and Tata, Hungary
Tsar Aleksey II
Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria
Tsesarevich, Tsaritsa, and Transliteration
Twentieth Arrondissement and Tempio Maggiore Israelitico di Firenze
Twilight sleep

Uelen, Russia
Uku and Eha Masing
University of Montpellier
Uzbek cuisine

Vailsburg, Newark
The Veseli family of Albania
Vintage ads from bygone eras
Vintage summer dessert ads
Vintage summer food ads and recipes
Vratsa, Bulgaria

Wesselényi Utca and the White Paper
Who knew what when?
Why I love mechanical and early electronic televisions
Why Nicholas was a failure
Winschoten, The Netherlands
The Winter Palace

Xanten, Germany, and Xánthi, Greece

Yekaterinburg, Russia
Yerevan, Armenia
Yiorgos and Magdalini Mitzeliotis

Zagreb, Croatia
Zionism and “Zog Nit Keyn Mol”