Index of Dantean posts

Indexed herein you’ll find all my posts about Dante—his writings, his world, his life, art and music inspired by him. This repository is intended only for historical, literary, and cultural posts, and obviously won’t include any of the posts featuring excerpts from my alternative history, nor posts discussing my writing journey.

You can also check out this post on my secondary blog, which has links to all the Divine Comedy names I featured during the 2016 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. A few letters and names were wildcards, since there were no names starting with those letters in the Commedia, or only one sex had a name represented.

A to Z Reflections 2021
All about contrapasso, Part I (Inferno)
Artwork of Dante and Beatrice
Artwork of The Divine Comedy
Auguste Rodin’s The Kiss

The Battle of Campaldino
Beatrice Portinari
Brunetto Latini

Count Ugolino della Gherardesca

Dante Alighieri
Dante’s septcentennial death anniversary, and what he means to me
De Monarchia
The discovery of Dante’s handwriting
The Divine Comedy (historical overview and condensed summary)
The Divine Comedy in translation
The Divine Comedy (La Divina Commedia), Part I (Written in 2004, and decidedly not my best work. If you compare this to my 2021 post on Inferno, it almost seems like they were written by different people! I later added a note at the beginning to clarify my disavowal of many of the opinions and value judgments expressed by my 24-year-old self.)
The Divine Comedy (La Divina Commedia), Part II (Written in 2004, summarizing and reviewing both Purgatorio and Paradiso. Again, NOT my best or most mature work!)
The Divine Comedy 
(La Divina Commedia), Part III (Written in 2004, and so embarrassingly missing the point I later added a note at the beginning. At 24, I still had a great deal to learn about putting literature and film in its full historical context and intent, as well as checking my own personal views at the door instead of judging everyone and everything by their failure to completely agree with me.)

Essential Divine Comedy translations
Extratextual sources for studying The Divine Comedy

Florence (Firenze), Italy
For the love that moves the Sun and the other stars

Gay men in The Divine Comedy
The Guelphs and the Ghibellines

Hell (summary of Inferno, far superior to the 2004 post)
The history of English translations of The Divine Comedy
How Il Convivio became La Commedia
How not to translate Dante
How not to translate Dante, Part II
How to read The Divine Comedy

Illustrations to The Divine Comedy
Italian language
Italy’s first feature film

Jacopo Alighieri

A Medieval-style rap battle and a stone woman
Misquoting Dante
My Dantean memorization journey
My Dantean wishlist
My favourite moments in The Divine Comedy


Pietro Alighieri
Prince Guido Novello II da Polenta

Quartan fever
A quartet of antique horror films (Final film discussed is Helios Film’s L’Inferno, not to be confused with Milano Films’s L’Inferno, also from 1911)

Ravenna, Italy
Reading The Divine Comedy as a non-Christian
Religious minorities in The Divine Comedy

A Symphony to Dante’s Divine Comedy

Terza rima

La Vita Nuova

Why everyone should read The Divine Comedy
Why you should read The Divine Comedy all the way through (and not just stop after Inferno)
Why you should read The Divine Comedy in Italian
Women in The Divine Comedy
The Wood of the Self-Murderers