From a Nightmare to a Dream: Out of Stalin’s Shadow

From a Nightmare to a Dream: Out of Stalin’s Shadow (working title) (1953–?):

After the death of Stalin in March 1953, Georgiya and Aleksandr’s 20-year GULAG sentences are commuted and they’re ordered into exile in one of the Central Asian republics. However, Georgiya won’t hear of being apart from her family one moment longer, and finds a way to sneak back into Moskva with Aleksandr.

Georgiya finds her elderly parents still alive and on their ancestral estate just outside of city limits, and discovers her baby sister Nelya has married and started a family. Leonid’s adopted daughter Karla has also married and is expecting her first child, but isn’t as happy to see Georgiya and Aleksandr as everyone else. Karla is still very much under Stalin’s spell, and considers them enemies of the people as much as her mother Sonya, her cousin Naina, and their family friend Katya in Canada.

When Georgiya’s parents say they sent Inga to Shanghai in 1942, with the hopes that she’d be able to immigrate to America to join the father who had no idea she existed, Georgiya puts all her thoughts to defecting herself. But she won’t hear of leaving her elderly parents or sister’s family behind, which makes the plans to defect a lot more complicated. Not only that, but Aleksandr also elects to go along, and Karla is also forced to go to be reunited with the mother she has no memory of.

Will Karla ever wake up from Stalin’s spell and accept her remaining family back, and will Georgiya and Ginny’s old love survive after so many decades apart?

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