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1940s shoe and clothing ads

Since I’ve been devoting almost all of my writing time these past few weeks to my A to Z posts for my main blog (theme Ukrainian history and culture), and also spent a lot of time watching the World Figure Skating Championships (so much more pleasant to watch without any overscored Russians!), I didn’t have time to put together a proper post for this week. Instead, you can enjoy some of my vintage ads for clothing and shoes!

Clothes of the 1940s just seem so much more sophisticated and glamorous, even when they’re designed for winter sports.

I ran across this ad while looking for images of girls’ trousers from the late 1930s. In Movements of the Symphony of 1939 (the book formerly known as The Very Next), Cinnimin buys several outfits modeled on these at a bazaar in the Bohemian Quarter of her fictional Atlantic City neighborhood. Her mother isn’t very pleased to discover she bought overalls, playsuits, and pants, but ultimately agrees to let her keep them.

I’ve always loved boots that come up really high, though I don’t know if it would be a good idea to wear them with my metal hardware in the left ankle of my right foot. My gimpy leg and the hardware already make it impossible for me to wear shoes with straps around the ankles.

My favorite is the one in the middle of the bottom row.

I’d wear all of these!

I can only wear block or wedge heels because of my gimpy leg and the metal hardware (not that I learnt how to walk in traditional heels before my accident anyway, being as proudly tomboyish as I am). But if these shoes came in a flat version, I’d pick the black ones on the far left on top and the rainbow ones in the middle on the bottom.

Look at all that eye-popping green! The red is great too. I love a good, distinctive jewel-tone green.

I’d love to ride a horse again. It’s been so long, and my last memory of horseback riding shouldn’t be the day I fell off of a galloping horse without a helmet, severely bruised my back, and sustained possible slight whiplash. I’m proud to say I got back on the horse and finished the ride, which really impressed the other people in that outdoors group from UMass Hillel.

I’d also love a good pair of hiking boots.

My favorite is the one on the far left on the bottom. It’s the most modest, and wide straps are a must when you have to carry around a large bust.

In the 1940s, the models for maternity clothes couldn’t actually be pregnant.

Designed for expectant mothers, but not modeled by them!

Maternity clothes have come so far over the last century! Even the ones from earlier in my own lifetime were nothing like what’s available today. If I’m blessed with a child before time runs out, I’ll have so many options.


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