One of the hills I will die on

Warning: Any hateful, violent, threatening, anti-Semitic comments will be immediately deleted and the commenters blacklisted. If you truly cannot recognize certain phrases and remarks as inherently anti-Semitic and double-standardish, I suggest you leave your echo chamber and stop getting all your “information” from one-sided, biased sources.

I am absolutely disgusted at how many people on my purported side of the political aisle are excitedly celebrating and/or justifying the latest violent attacks on Eretz Yisrael. Many are quite open about their anti-Semitism and desire to wipe out the world’s only Jewish nation (often praising Hitler and wishing he’d finished the job), while others play the “I’m not anti-Semitic, but…” card.

Ever notice how these people are anti-war until it comes to cheering on violence against Jews? How they don’t obsessively argue against the right of any other nation on Earth to exist except Israel? How they’re all about “punching Nazis” while calling for the destruction of the one nation where Jews found refuge from Nazis? How they seem to care less about things like Chinese atrocities against Uyghurs, human rights violations in Myanmar, FGM, and the imprisonment and torture of Iranian women protesting compulsory hijab laws? How they act like Ph.D.-level experts on a complex geopolitical situation and 3,000+ years of history, from the safety of their cushy homes in the West, as they sip almond milk lattes from Starbucks?

Do you hear yourself talking when you say you’re not against Jews or Israel, “just” Zionists? Are you that ignorant you don’t know it’s a classic calling-card of anti-Semites to use the words Jewish and Zionist interchangeably? Have you never heard people routinely affixing words like dog and pig to it? Never seen the hateful rhetoric calling for death to all of us and wanting to drive us into the sea?

I’m a proud Zionist, and so are 95% of my co-religionists! We also have many allies in other religions! Zionism is nothing more than Jewish self-determination in our own nation, and includes diverse streams such as Socialist, Cultural, Synthetic, Labour, Religious, Political, Revolutionary, and Practical. I guarantee there’s a place within Zionism for you that perfectly fits your beliefs!

If you truly care so much for the plight of Palestinians, why do you never speak out against Hamas and the PLO? Their top brass live like millionaires while they keep their people in poverty and use them as political pawns! And after Gaza became Judenrein in 2005, Hamas destroyed all the beautiful greenhouses and used their constant stream of donations for weapons instead of schools.

Why do I never see you sharing stories about Arab Israeli citizens living very successful lives in the Middle East’s only democracy? About how doctors and nurses treat their Arab patients the same way they treat Jewish patients, even when those patients are terrorists? How a Jewish nurse breastfed a Palestinian baby while its mother was hospitalized? How Israelis have taught Palestinians how to farm pineapple? How Israelis have sheltered Palestinians fleeing from Gaza and the West Bank for falling afoul of the thugs in charge? How a popular Palestinian DJ was arrested for attending a Christmas party rave in Ramallah? How Haifa is the country’s best-integrated city and people of all faiths gather every year at the Santa Claus House for a Christmas party? How Israel took in 850,000 Jews expelled from North Africa and the Middle East starting in 1948? How Hitler was buddies with the anti-Semitic Grand Mufti of Jerusalem?

No, instead you only post easily-debunked propaganda, libel, slander, one-sided garbage, ahistorical nonsense, doctored photos, incomplete videos with false claims, lines that come straight from anti-Semites’ playbook.

I’m a charter member of the UMass Student Alliance for Israel. We founded this group in 2002, at the height of the Second Intifada. One night I went to the campus police station with a few friends to report graffitied flyers for our events (including a peace vigil). They all were recorded as hate crimes. On all five of the area campuses, there was a sickening spate of anti-Semitic graffiti, including incitements to violence. Some of these hate-mongers even tried to disrupt a huge community-wide rally against the graffiti!

Israel’s right to exist and defend itself against terrorist attacks isn’t an issue I can agree to disagree on. Your performative virtue-signalling puts Jewish lives in danger.

3 thoughts on “One of the hills I will die on

  1. Israel is the nation of the Jewish people. Those who stand with Israel will be blessed by God. If America ever stops backing or turns against Israel then I think we would face severe consequences.
    As always, an impressive post.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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