I’m reblogging this old post because I recently retitled it and added several new introductory paragraphs explaining my change of heart regarding this story. I am well and truly disgusted I ever came to see such an awful story as one of my favorites. The toxic influence of my ex was responsible.

Welcome to My Magick Theatre

May 2021 update: This post was originally published 7 January 2012 (though written a few years earlier on MySpace) and entitled “Favorite Decameron stories, Part VII.” I disavow everything I wrote, and can’t believe I wrote any of this with a straight face. I’m absolutely horrified I ever saw such a disturbing story in a positive light. It’s so obvious I only began thinking that way due to the toxic influence of my now-ex and our dysfunctional relationship.

Obviously, it’s not cool to lead anyone on, but two wrongs don’t make a right. It seems much more likely Elena just wanted rid of this creepy older guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer and thought he’d finally leave her alone and get the message after that night in the snow. What Rinieri does to her in return is much more cruel.

It’s absolutely bizarre how I thought this was…

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