Another prime reason I’m now politically homeless is because of how so many people on my purported side of the aisle have enthusiastically, unthinkingly embraced postmodernism and its various critical theories. All of a sudden, everyone is falling all over themselves to mindlessly virtue-signal and deliver creepy, ritualistic mea culpas.

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’ve been a passionate Native American ally since I was 5-6 years old. Native American rights, representation, and education are causes near and dear to my heart. Yet it’s never occurred to me to constantly prattle on about this or overstep my bounds as an ally who’s not actually Native American and wasn’t socialized in that community. To do so would be cheap, insincere virtue-signalling.

Before everyone rushed to make their social media profile pictures black squares in June, add the BLM hashtag, and start constantly talking about things like their support for Black-owned businesses, there was nary a whiff most of them felt so strongly about these issues! I’m far from the only one who suspects they just mindlessly hopped on a bandwagon because they saw everyone else doing it.

I’d take them more seriously if they’d demonstrated a longtime, consistent commitment to such issues, not only after they burst into the national spotlight and became a trendy cause du jour. In previous generations, people embraced environmentalism, anti-harpooning, and feeding starving African kids with the same short-lived burst of insincere intensity, and quickly moved on to the next big trend without a single backwards glance.

Critical theories have long since moved beyond the purview of out of touch academics in ivory towers. Even preschools are now adding mandatory training units and indoctrinating little kids with reified racial stereotypes. Many schools also have mandatory indoctrination sessions on the nebulous, pseudoscientific concept of gender, and since it’s bundled with anti-bullying awareness, parents are unable to opt their kids out of it.

I’m gobsmacked at how so many people on my supposed side of the aisle see nothing at all creepy about little boy drag queens, drag queen story hours at libraries, or the Q***r Kid Stuff YouTube channel geared towards toddlers. Would they also cheer on strippers and porn stars in full fetish gear reading to little kids or JonBenét-style beauty pageants for little girls?

This shouldn’t even be a right vs. left thing! This should be about plain common sense and understanding basic concepts of child psychology and cognitive development. It’s unreal that many people who’ve been solidly left-wing their entire lives are now called far-right conservatives for objecting to this.

You need to give your head a shake if you approach every single thing you ever do or say with the question “How does this help/hurt my xyz privilege?” It must be exhausting for such people to get through each day.

Speaking of, critical theory offensively claims the only reason people in a majority group ever help people in a minority group is to be paternalistic or advance their own privilege. What a giant middle finger to all the Righteous Gentiles who risked their lives or were killed on account of saving Jews from the Nazis, to white lawyers and judges who helped to end Jim Crow, to white allies who were beaten, arrested, or killed for their Civil Rights activism, to men in government who finally did the right thing and passed hard-won legislation granting women the vote.

After all that beautiful bridge-building and all those decades of progress, society is now more deeply divided than ever. The worst racism, misogyny, and homophobia in years have been rebranded as woke and progressive. It’s now acceptable to demonise anyone who objects to the new groupthink. This has been a huge boon for real bigots, people who no longer have to hide their true feelings and can now freely express them under the guise of being good neoliberals.

They’re creating a boy crying wolf effect, making legit concepts into sneeringly-dismissed jokes due to constantly flinging these words and phrases about, and preventing serious dialogues about important issues.

My core political values haven’t changed, but the current mainstream woke groupthink ideology of the various leftist parties no longer represents who and what I am. Some things are too significant to agree to disagree about. I care about real issues which impact the poor and proletariat, not freaking pronouns and “microaggressions.”

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