WeWriWa—The Smarts introduce themselves


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. The rules have now been relaxed to allow a few more sentences if merited, so long as they’re clearly indicated, to avoid the creative punctuation many of us have used to stay within the limit.

I’m now sharing snippets from the book formerly known as The Very Next, the chronological second of my Atlantic City books, set from March 1939 to the dawn of 1940. It underwent a radical rewrite in 2015, and I recently completed the fourth and final version. I plan on a late February or early March release. The new title will be revealed then.

Best friends Cinnimin and Sparky (real name Katherine) were baking cookies when two strangers entered the kitchen. Cinni just volunteered to help them find the address they’re looking for.

“I’m Samantha Smart,” the blonde said. She spoke with a slight Southern lilt, but not the full-out Southern drawl of the hated Adeline’s parents. “We’re from Washington, D.C.”

“I’m Urma Smart, Samantha’s mother,” the brunette said in an even stronger Southern lilt. “I insist you call me Urma. I’m too young to be called Mrs. Smart, no matter what traditional etiquette dictates.”

“Fine by me.” Cinni pulled a piece of grape rock candy out of her right pocket and popped it into her mouth. “I go to school with a girl who’s also named Urma, but she goes by her full initials, U.C.L.A. How can I help you?”

The ten lines end here. A few more to complete the scene follow.

“We’re looking for Mr. Holden G. Filliard. My husband told me this is his address, 11 Maxwell, a three-story Georgian ashlar stone house. He also said there’s a barn on the property and that it’s next to a huge mansion.”

“H.G. Filliard’s my father. This is technically our address, but you’re in the guesthouse.” Cinni indicated Sparky. “My best friend Sparky’s family lives here. There’s a door in the living room leading into the main house, if you want a shortcut.”

“What kind of name is Sparky for a human being?”

8 thoughts on “WeWriWa—The Smarts introduce themselves

  1. Hmm, all the questions and opinions on the other comments agree with my own. I don’t think I like the newcomers from DC. Everyone has a story, though. Maybe theirs will be a bit of an excuse for acting terribly judgemental.

    Cinni won’t have it, though. lol. That girl is as tough and straightforward as they come.

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