2020 blogging stats in review

My 2020 blogging stats, like those of last year, ended up a bit differently than they have for many previous years. My posts in my “A Primer on ______________ Names” series (which I’m long overdue to resume!) have been getting quite a lot of traction, to the point that they now occupy fully half of this year’s Top 10 slots, six more slots in the Top 20, and five additional slots in the Top 30.

This year’s Top 5 posts were:

“Favorite Decameron stories, Part I,” published 28 December 2011, at 2,284 views in 2020 and 8,151 total. This is my third-most-viewed post of all time.

“A primer on Russian names,” published 28 December 2012, at 2,018 views in 2020 and 11,814 total. This is still my next-most-viewed most ever. Were I writing it today, it would have so many more names. A lot of my posts in this series could benefit from expansion, which is why I’ll put them all together in a book when I finally post the last installment.

“A primer on Occitan names,” published 28 December 2016, at 1,236 views in 2020 and 2,785 total. This is now my sixth-most-viewed post.

“A primer on Tatar names,” published 30 June 2017, at 1,024 views in 2020 and 2,444 total. This is now my eighth-most-viewed post. Perhaps information about Tatar names is hard to find?

“Writing an arm amputee character,” published 27 October 2014, at 946 views in 2020 and 5,000 total. This is my fourth-most-viewed post ever, though a lot of people who find it are pervy fetishists looking for amputee porn, not sensitive, accurate information on amputation. These dudes are so pornsick they don’t bother looking at the preview text, just click right on that link. I’d love to see the looks on their creepy faces when they realise this isn’t a porn site!

Closing out the Top 10 were:

“A primer on Yiddish names,” published 27 January 2017, at 908 views in 2020 and 2,551 total. This rose one spot to become my seventh-most-viewed post of all time.

“Why I HATED The Book Thief,” published 5 August 2013, at 718 views in 2020 and 3,101 total. This is my fifth-most-viewed post of all time, and I still stand by every word ripping this insanely overrated garbage a new one.


It still sucks, bites, and blows! Like so many other popular books about the Shoah, it’s emotionally manipulative bestseller bait and Holocaust-lite for the masses, NOT quality, well-researched, historically-accurate literature for the ages.

“A primer on Georgian names,” published 26 December 2014, at 519 views in 2020 and 1,534 total. This is now my twelfth-most-viewed post of all time.

“No, I will not get sucked into the cult of Arbonne!,” published 13 December 2013 and partially edited from something originally written for my old Angelfire site in 2010, at 474 views in 2020 and 42,911 views total. Still my most-viewed post by a landslide.

Some months back, I discovered a couple of butthurt Arbot bullies tried to circumvent my closed comments to send their abusive, childish vitriol through the Contact Me form. Talk about obsessed losers who need a new hobby! They couldn’t even be original in their insults and ridiculous claims.

Keep weaving more ropes to hang yourselves, MLMers! Everyone with sense knows MLMs are pyramid schemes and very cult-like, and that its salespeople (whom I refuse to refer to by their goofy euphemisms like “presenters” and “coaches”) can’t handle criticism or even the mere word “No.”

“Ideas for an original WWII book,” published 23 September 2013, at 472 views in 2020 and 1,138 total. This is a new entry to the year’s Top 10 list, and is now my thirteenth-most-viewed post. WWII and the Shoah are such popular hist-fic settings, but a lot of people claim it’s the same story over and over again with different names and settings. Using a less-common premise and setting (e.g., a pacifist Mennonite family on the U.S. homefront, a neutral country like Portugal, soldiers in the China–India–Burma Theatre, refugees in Shanghai) will help to distinguish your story.

Two posts on my all-time Top 10 failed to make the 2020 Top 10:

“A primer on Albanian names,” published 7 August 2015, at 458 views in 2020 and 2,122 overall. It was this year’s #11 post.

“Favorite Decameron stories, Part III,” published 2 January 2012, at no registered views in 2020 and 1,794 total.

Yet again, my once-very-popular post “Twilight sleep” barely had any views, at just five. I still want to revisit this topic in a new and improved post.

Another once-much-viewed post, “Pet rabbits, chickens, and ducks should be for keeps, not just Easter,” remained in the Top 20 at #16. This is such an important cause for me, which I’ve deeply cared about for years, promote every Easter, and permanently have a link to near the top of my sidebar on both my blogs.

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