Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. This week’s snippet comes a few pages after last week’s, from Chapter 55, “The Streets of the Future,” of my WIP A Dream Deferred: Lyuba and Ivan at University. This chapter, which closes Part I (to be published as Volume I), is mostly set over Orthodox Christmas 1950.

Twenty-year-old Bogdana Sheltsova, who survived two horrific, life-altering events six weeks apart, is now living with her aunt Fyodora in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Her friend Achilles visited with roses and a necklace, and after much emotional discussion, Bogdana agreed to be his girlfriend.

They’re now on the rink at Prospect Park. Before leaving home, Bogdana changed into a white, form-fitting, knee-length dress and thick white hosiery she overlooked when getting rid of her former wardrobe. Achilles also received a pair of black professional skates from a neighbor, who said her husband will probably never want them back.

Bogdana agreed to let Achilles copy pair skating moves with her like he did with his late wife Sabina, as long as he doesn’t try any fancy, advanced moves or drop her.

Achilles lifts her by the waist and raises her as high as he can, then lowers her and lifts her again, with his arms around her waist, slightly leaning forward. Bogdana melts into his powerful body as he alternates spinning around with her and skating in figures. After he lowers her to the ice again, he skates around to face her and lifts her with his right arm behind her knees, his left arm behind her back. Bogdana puts her arms around his shoulders and meets his smoldering gaze, communicating equal parts tenderness and desire. She shudders with her own longings, overwhelmed by the raw intimacy of his intense gaze. This is far more intimate and vulnerable than anything that happened in the clinic.

“Should I assume Dr. Medved is no longer just your cabbie and doctor’s assistant?”

Bogdana glares in the direction of the voice shattering this private moment, and sees Yustina holding Nestor’s left arm. “What are two newlyweds doing out of their love nest? I’d think you’d be locked to each other’s sides until Christmas vacation forces you back to work.”

6 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Amateur pair skating

    1. He’s not actually putting his arms all the way around her and being pressed against her body. There’s a bit of physical distance that makes her feel safe. When Bogdana is leaning against him, it’s with her back, not her front.


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