My 2019 blogging stats ended up slightly different from those of recently bygone years. My anti-Arbonne post dropped to the year’s fifth-most viewed post instead of remaining #1. My Top 5 posts this year were:

“A primer on Russian names,” published 28 December 2012, at 2,368 views in 2019 and 9,788 total. This has long been my next-most-viewed post of all time. Were I writing it today, I’d have included a lot more names! I have plans to expand my “A primer on ___________ names” series into a book upon its completion, with more commentary and additional names.

“Favorite Decameron stories, Part I,” published 28 December 2011, at 1,198 views. This is also my third-most viewed post of all time, at 5,864 views.

“Writing an arm amputee character,” published 27 October 2014, at 1,036 views in 2019 and 4,049 total, making it my fourth-most viewed post ever. Yet again, not everyone who clicked on this post was after that kind of information, judging from the creepy, porny search terms accompanying it. Do people not read previews before they click on something in their list of search results? Very ironic, since this post contains the line “It’s a shame more respectful, tasteful resources like this [a link to the Feronia Project re: intimacy after amputation] are hard to find when Googling, instead of mostly links to porn and amputee fetishism.”

“A primer on Occitan names,” published 28 December 2016, at 1,021 views. This post being so high up is a huge surprise! It’s now my ninth-most viewed post ever.

“No, I will not get sucked into the cult of Arbonne!,” published 13 December 2013 and partially edited from something originally written for my old Angelfire site in 2010, at 882 views in 2019 and 42,437 views total. Apart from a very raw, emotional post I wrote in the wake of the 2016 U.S. election, which I pre-emptively closed comments on, this remains the only post I chose to disable comments for. Two immature Arbots thought it was kosher to leave long, abusive, vituperative comments personally attacking me because I dared not lovingly pile-drive my head up their pyramid scheme’s ass.

Closing out the Top 10 were:

“A primer on Yiddish names,” published 27 January 2017, at 836 views. I stand by the last line of the first paragraph, “Regardless of my own feelings about the language (or, more accurately, what it represents), I really am sorry it’s become a dying language.” This is now my eighth-most viewed post of all time.

“Why I HATED The Book Thief,” published 5 August 2013, at 771 views in 2019 and 2,382 total, making this my fifth-most viewed post of all time. Just thinking about that smug, spoilerific narrator with his goofy language and endless newsflashes pisses me off big-time! I gag every time I hear someone squeeing over this bestseller bait for the masses and praising its “brilliant, moving foreshadowing.” In what universe is outright giving away the ending and pivotal plot points foreshadowing?! This post was also rejected by Ink Pageant as being “too demeaning.” I stand by ripping this terrible book a new one!

“A primer on Tatar names,” published 30 June 2017, at 756 views. This post shooting up so much is a big surprise. It closed out the year as my tenth-most viewed post ever.

“A primer on Albanian names,” published 7 August 2015, at 660 views. I’m also very surprised this earned so many hits. It’s become my seventh-most viewed post ever.

“A primer on Georgian names,” published 26 December 2014, at 638 views. A lot of my other names posts finished the year in the Top 20 and Top 30. It’s high time to resume that hiatused series, since I have 25 other topics in mind for it.

“Twilight sleep,” once one of my most-viewed posts, slipped to 35th overall and no apparent views in 2019. I’m long due to revisit this topic, so perhaps that new and improved post will gain more views.

2 thoughts on “2019 blogging stats in review

  1. Yes:

    people want to know more about Tatar and Albanian people and names are a good entry point/entree into it.


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