Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. I’m now sharing from Chapter 45, “Imre’s Revenge,” of my hiatused WIP The Strongest Branches of Uprooted Trees.

It’s November 1945, and Imre has stayed behind in Budapest instead of being smuggled into Italy with his girlfriend Csilla and their friends. He’s determined to perform some modern Herculean labors, starting with going to Csilla’s hometown Abony to recover important possessions she hid last year.

Imre got into a violent fight with the gendarme who took over Csilla’s house, Mr. Mészáros, which may have ended in murder. He also punched a brick wall during his white-hot rage, and there’s no more adrenaline to mask the pain. Imre got out of the house with Csilla’s valuables, some of them on her old sled, and hightailed it back to Budapest.

This has been slightly tweaked to fit ten lines.

Wesselényi Utca, the street where Imre’s mother lives, Copyright FOTO:Fortepan/UVATERV

Mrs. Goldmark was jarred from her sleep after midnight by the loud banging on the door. She threw on a robe and looked out the peephole, expecting to see a drunken Soviet soldier, but instead saw her firstborn child.

“What happened to you, Imcsi?” she whispered as she opened the door. “Did you and Csilla break up?”

Imre screamed in agony as he stumbled into the apartment, still dragging the sled, and headed right for his old bedroom, where Nándor was already awakened. Júlia had woken up too, and now tiptoed into the living room.

“Are you able to speak?” Mrs. Goldmark sat on the bed and rubbed his shoulders.

“My hand!”

Mrs. Goldmark turned on the nightstand lamp and gasped when she saw Imre’s swollen, bruised, bloodied left hand.

9 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Home sweet home

  1. Such a scary time to have been living in. I got the feeling of dread all right, hope he’ll be ok and the family won’t suffer because he went there for help. (See how invested you make me in your characters???!) Very effective snippet…


  2. Ouch! He should probably seek medical attention as likely there are broken bones. Not sure how long it took for him to get there, but he could lose use of the hand if he’s not treated. I hope his mother insists he get it taken care of.


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