This was my eighth year doing the Challenge on my main blog, sixth on my secondary blog. Very uncharacteristically, I didn’t start writing my posts till March. Twenty came from my “Too Young, Too Soon” series on my old Angelfire site, but they all required extensive editing and expansion, as well as gathering photos. Most of them read like entirely new posts!

I’d originally planned more double-topic posts, and a few triples, but realised that not only would unnecessarily bloat my wordcount, but pull attention away from one main subject. I could always go back later to spotlight these people another year.

I also originally planned to go against my theme of lesser-known silent stars for the V day, featuring my beautiful Rudy Valentino, but I’m glad I decided against that too. Conrad Veidt has been one of my heroes since I learnt about his heroic anti-Nazi stance in October 2015. He was more than an incredible actor, but a lion of a human being.

For whatever reason, I’ve had really bad luck with links clicked on for the last few years! So many blogs had interesting names or themes, but I discovered that person hadn’t blogged in months (or years!), or quit participating early. Others have also noticed participation seems to be down the last few years.

Other blogs were hard to navigate, like putting A to Z posts on an entirely separate page, or posting multiple times a day and not putting the A to Z post on top, or putting a hyperlink to it at the start of the top post. Still other bloggers had no commenting option, or there were a lot of big graphics and text blocks to scroll through before finally finding the A to Z post.

I was quite turned off by bloggers using their theme to promote their businesses. I’m fine with a theme inspired by one’s business or art (e.g., fine arts brands, writing advice, recipes from your bakery), but not out and out telling bloggers to, e.g., hire you as a genealogical researcher or hawking merchandise from a pyramid scheme!

Having one big list was much more convenient than all the daily lists in different places, though its length and volume did prove a challenge in scrolling. I’d be happy to volunteer with maintaining next year’s list, as I did in 2015.

Post recap:

Art Acord (17 views)
John Bunny (28 views)
Eric Campbell and Charley Chase (20 views)
Marie Dressler (18 views)
Ernest Torrence and Julian Eltinge (13 views)
Pauline Frederick (10 views)
Raymond Griffith (13 views)
Bobby Harron (10 views)
Rex Ingram (7 views)
June Mathis (13 views)
Karl Dane (8 views)
Max Linder and Harold Lockwood (10 views)
Thomas Meighan (5 views)
Nita Naldi (12 views)
Olive Thomas (10 views)
Marie Prevost (12 views)
Lidia, Letizia, and Isabella Quaranta (8 views)
Wallace Reid (6 views)
Larry Semon (11 views)
Fred Thomson (14 views)
Lenore Ulric (13 views)
Conrad Veidt (10 views)
Anna May Wong (13 views)
Xuan Jinglin (6 views)
Yevgeniy Bauer (9 views)
Zhang Shichuan (5 views)

5 thoughts on “A to Z Reflections 2019

  1. Carrie-Anne,

    really loved the Veidt post.

    At the start of April I was looking forward to the Chinese players. [Anna May Wong, for instance].

    It has been good to get to know the careers and trajectories/tragedies of the Too Young Too Soon 26.

    Good to know that they read [and probably write?] like new posts.


  2. Congratulation on finishing the challenge (not that I ever doubted it 😉 ). I love your theme of this year. I’ve read very little so far, but I will catch up, and anyway I spotted a few actors that I do know and appreciate… so you make me feel like a connoisseur LOL!

    It was a hard year for my challenge, mostly because it came at the end of a very intense blogging periode, so I feel like I did less than I should have. But I did notice a decline in partecipants and especially in networking.
    I too noticed that many bloggers (more than in the past, in my opinion) clearly took part in the challenge to advertice themselves and their business rather than with the intent to offer something interesting. Sometimes I wonder whether this is a general trend in blogging lately, because I see a lot of bloggers (especially newbees) doing that.

    Anyway, you will see me around 😉

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