IWSG—March odds and sods

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group virtually meets the first Wednesday of each month, and gives participants a chance to share struggles, triumphs, quandaries, and fears. This month’s question is:

Whose perspective do you like to write from best, the hero (protagonist) or the villain (antagonist)? And why?

I enjoy both for different reasons. While everyone likes the story of a hero or shero, it’s also great fun to read and write a villain’s side of the story. It lets the mind go to very dark places, and understanding what motivates a villain helps to elevate her or him beyond a one-dimensionally, cartoonishly evil caricature.


I’m very, very, very happy to report I finally seem to be back to regular journalling with Khanada, the journal I started 23 September 2008. Thanks to my dysfunctional, co-dependent, unhealthy, dead-end, “What was I thinking?!” relationship with Sergey, I stopped journalling in March 2009 and didn’t return till May 2012.

I was sporadic until July 2013, when I returned to Khanada as an outlet for my emotions re: the off the charts drama, more Orthodox than thou antics, and nitpickiness wrought by my roommate. After she thankfully broke her lease and left me alone, I continued journalling, but the length of entries and overall commitment began waning, and in August 2016, I stopped and became sporadic again.

I turned back to Khanada when Peter Tork recently passed, and have been writing every day since. Much of this is everything I failed to record when I was with Sergey, similar to how my entries in my fifth journal, Prudence, were at one point devoted to writing down previously unrecorded memories before I forgot them.

If you’re wondering, Khanada is pronounced Ka-NAY-da, not like Canada. Since my third journal, I’ve named them after songs—Cecilia, Rita, Prudence, Rael, Athena, Emily, Zelda, Eloise, and now Khanada. Future names will be Mary, Suzanne, Magnolia, and Marlene.

Not only had I never heard of her namesake song when I began her, I’d have laughed in your face if you told me which band I’d take her name from. I just celebrated my eighth Duraniversary on Valentine’s Day. Obviously, I didn’t name Khanada for quite a long time.

I’ve been regularly journalling since 8 September 1989, the first day of fourth grade. I’m upset I fell off the wagon so badly thanks to putting Sergey and his 1,001 issues first, and being unable to regain my normal momentum for a long time, but all I can do now is move forward into the future.


I’ve been working very prolifically and steadily on my WIP, my fourth Russian historical, A Dream Deferred: Lyuba and Ivan at University. I’m hopeful I’ll finally be finished by the end of the year, since there are less than 20 planned chapters left.

I need to start writing my A to Z posts for both my blogs. Once again, the theme on my secondary blog will be less intense and involved. Some of the posts on my main blog will be taken from salvaged pages from my old Angelfire site, with necessary edits and expansions.

On Monday, I’ll be discussing the third book to recently come under fire from a Woko Haram struggle session pre-publication. This time, there’s a delicious Schadenfreude twist. I’m told a fourth book may fall victim soon too.

Do you journal? Have you ever fallen away from anything writing-related and had a hard time making your way back?

7 thoughts on “IWSG—March odds and sods

  1. Duraniversary! I LOVE it. Hrm, I guess I celebrated my 36th. I fell in love with them my sophomore year in high school because the cute senior basketball player in geometry class used to sing “Rio” but inserting my last name, Keough, which pronounced correctly rhymes w/ Rio. Good times, good times.

    Well, I guess you know my answer to your last question. *ahem* But I HOPE I’ve made my way back to my WIP and blogging after a long absence. Congrats on making your way back to Ka-NAY-da

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  2. I’m glad you’re back to journaling every day. I need to get back to doing that myself.

    I don’t know how you can do A to Z every year, and on two blogs at once! After did A to Z two years in a row (2014 and 2015), I’ve been pooped. lol Still. I’ve thought of doing A to Z last year and then again this year. Writing the posts isn’t my problem but rater that I can’t get the motivation to want to do all the visiting, every day, all month.

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  3. A very interesting post! I have a brother who is very disciplined and hasn’t missed a journal entry in at least 50 years. I’ve dipped in and out. I’ve gotten back into a regular rhythm by writing eight or nine lines a day in my large calendar. Perhaps I’ll get into writing longer entries, but at least I’m journaling a little every day. Good luck with your A to Z Challenge. I’m not in a place to tackle that! Happy IWSG Day!

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