WeWriWa—An early trick-or-treater


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. This year, my Halloween-themed snippets come from Chapter 45, “October Oblectations,” of my WIP, A Dream Deferred: Lyuba and Ivan at University. Most of this chapter is set over Halloween 1949.

Bogdana Sheltsova, age twenty, is the youngest daughter of Lyuba’s third-oldest stepsister Dinara. She went through an extremely traumatic experience in July, and almost killed herself with a botched self-abortion in September. Her cabbie Achilles rescued her and took her to an underground doctor who performed the procedure properly and saved her life.

After she was discharged from the clinic, she moved into the guesthouse of her aunt Fyodora in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Bogdana has been dressing in the slouchiest, least attractive clothes possible since she was attacked, and now wears a wig over hair growing back from constant shaving. A nun costume is a natural choice.

Bogdana has been prevailed upon to put on a costume for Halloween and join Fyodora in the main house, though she’s refused to wear the type of fun, revealing costume she would’ve worn in years past.  She’s turned a baggy black sarafan into a nun’s habit, and made a veil and collar with black and white fabrics from Fyodora’s cast-off pile.  A prayer rope and the largest cross she could find hang around her neck.  Bogdana’s hemline drags all the way to the floor, covering the black flats she usually wears on Sundays.

Fyodora looks at the clock when the doorbell rings. “That couldn’t be trick-or-treaters already, could it?  It’s only four.  I’m not taking Ramona and Olik till six.”

“Maybe it’s Gilbert coming to play with me,” Oliver says hopefully, adjusting his firefighter hat. “He’s dressed like a policeman.”

10 thoughts on “WeWriWa—An early trick-or-treater

  1. I feel so sorry for your character and all she’s been through but you certainly use the event of her Halloween costume to show her state of mind. And as always, your vintage illustrations are priceless!


  2. This sounds like it’s going to be a very different Halloween than usual. So sorry for Bogdana’s troubles. Her reticence is completely understandable. I hope she can work though it somehow. Meanwhile, I too am curious who is at the door!


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