Lovely vintage photos

Since I don’t expect many of my U.S. readers will be around due to the holiday, and because I’m focused on finishing up my final polishing of The Twelfth Time, here are some of the lovely vintage photos in my virtual collection. I love all the bygone clothes, hats, and hairstyles.

2 thoughts on “Lovely vintage photos

  1. I like looking at the photos of ordinary people through the decades and the craft which was involved.

    The maker’s marks tell a lot.

    Like K and K and the cherry girl. As well as the colourised flowers.

    Also DLE [DLG]?

    I too like the way they teased hair.

    And what a lot they did with embroidery and lace – either black or white.

    Crochet was big too especially in the last one. [33688/5].

    The holiday is Victory over Japan Day [that was yesterday – 2 September]?

    Australia has Flag Day on the 3rd September even though it’s not a public holiday.

    Okay – “first Monday in September” – Labor Day!

    I imagine the characters must have liked wearing white until this day.

    I will admit that I thought “seersucker” was a coat or jacket. [and I wonder if Anne Terrick wore it sometimes].

    And tomorrow is the mass deletion of the National Novel Writing Month forums.

    Also there is a whole calendar of eating. For example – today is Welsh Rarebit Day.

    Fourth from the bottom – the sailor kerchief.


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