WeWriWa—Inga’s new room


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. I’m skipping ahead quite a few pages from last week, after 18-year-old Inga Savvina got settled into a room at the boarding house.

After the initial shock, her paternal grandparents warmly welcomed her into the family and got her father a 3–A draft deferment (for men whose deployment would cause hardship upon dependents). Her father, Ginny (real name Mikhail), knows she’s undeniably his child, but needed more time to process this unexpected news.

Yuriy, meanwhile, hasn’t missed a chance to be around her. Inga’s new friends understand he’s got a crush on her, but Inga innocently believes Yuriy only has friendship in mind.

Inga now arrives at her new home, her father’s Greenwich Village townhouse.

Inga follows him up to the second floor and into a room overlooking a small courtyard.  The bed has an indigo and white patchwork quilt with indigo linens.  A simple green dresser with four drawers is on the other side of the room, with a plain lace dust runner topped by a silver brush, comb, and mirror.  A larger mirror hangs above it, and a side table topped by a simple white cloth has a yellow lamp and red alarm clock. 

Near the table is a red bookcase with six shelves, on which Ginny has already put some Russian books and a few elementary English books.  A professional black desk with a real leather chair has been set up near the door, with a small woven cup filled with writing instruments and rulers.  Best of all, there’s a brand-new blue Remington portable Envoy. 

Inga also finds a blue and white marbled fountain pen, an inkwell, and stationary with her name and address.  The closet is filled with sandalwood hangers, and the wall nearest the door is hung with framed pictures of Georgiya, Inga’s grandparents, Nelya, Leonid, Marx, Engels, Trotskiy, and Lenin.  Mrs. Kharzina hangs her head in her hands at the sight of the Communists.

8 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Inga’s new room

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  2. Definitely a nice room to be able to stay in after her travels. And nice that she can spend some time getting to know her father before he has to go off to war.


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