WeWriWa—Inga meets Yuriy


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. This week’s snippet comes right after last week’s, when Yuriy cleaned and dressed Inga’s injured knee.

Inga, who’s barely eighteen and has only been on a few dates that didn’t get physical, is a little unsettled by a strange man touching her leg, but doesn’t have any reason not to trust him. Yuriy, meanwhile, is already starting to fall in love with her.

“It’ll get better before you get married.  Do you mind if I check just to make sure you didn’t break or dislocate anything?  Unlike my animal patients, you can tell me what hurts, and where.”

Inga feels slightly odd about letting a strange man she’s just met touch her leg, but at least he’s being professional about it.  Nothing hurts too badly, just some dull aches and pains.  It hurts most when she tries to bend her leg.

“I noticed a small scar a little above your knee.  Is that recent?”

“Oh, that’s just my smallpox vaccine scar.  My mother thought it was best to have it done on my leg instead of my arm, so I could hide it better.”

7 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Inga meets Yuriy

  1. How interesting about the smallpox scar. I didn’t know you could request to have it anywhere but on the arm. Personally, I think he’s trying to make conversation so he doesn’t have to say goodbye too soon. 🙂


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