Another round of vintage ads

Seeing as how my computer charger has frayed in multiple places and stopped working, I’m unable to spend a lot of time writing a more substantial post for this week. I’ll have a new charger by next week, so you can look forward to a post re: writing about ice-skating in historical fiction.

In the meantime, enjoy these vintage ads from my virtual collections!

I wouldn’t mind that at all! I’ve never made any secret of how I’ve been attracted to younger men since my senior year of high school. (Obviously, they weren’t that much younger than I was at first!). I’d like a husband about 10–12 years my junior.

Yet another ad endorsing Lysol as birth control (in very euphemistic language) and terrifying women about their supposed rampant BO.

Whether you agree or disagree with his politics, you can’t deny Reagan was a genial person with a good sense of humor. He would’ve been a fun guest at a picnic or barbecue. I recently watched an episode of I’ve Got a Secret where he was the famous guest, and got a lot of good laughs out of his segment.

So many people in ads don’t talk like normal people having a real conversation!

I loved cottage cheese and canned peaches!

I highly doubt this was a real study, or had those results!

No comment!

I’ve been fooled by some contemporary spoofs of real vintage ads, but this one is an ad for a legitimate product.

And now they’ve got kids strapped into freaking booster seats till age twelve!

I’m glad plus size companies no longer call their customer base “stout” and “chubbies”!

There’s a diagnosis that’s gone the way of other pseudoscientific conditions like hysteria!

This is beyond tasteless. If they were attempting very dark humor, they sailed WAY past a line anywhere close to acceptability!

I’m showing my age, but “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is the quintessential song and music video of my generation. It’s one of the things which clearly indicates my membership as one of the youngest members of Gen X. I feel such a big disconnect from Gen Y, even though their oldest members are only a few years younger than I am.

And yes, I do realize that might make my attraction to younger men seem hypocritical!

3 thoughts on “Another round of vintage ads

  1. Good grief! And if you go through the ads they’re making today, I’ll bet you’ll find some sleazy ones with bogus “scientific studies” as well. Now we’re bombarded by so many ads and so frequently–thank you Facebook among others–that I’m in a constant fret that I might be missing something by not clicking on that link. Of course, these ads are tailored for me. I search for Aran sweaters and all I see are Aran sweaters. Loved seeing these persuasive, debasing ads from the past.


  2. Toilet tissues – I liked that one. When I was a girl, growing up in Russia, we didn’t have tissues. My grandfather used to cut old newspapers into standard-sized little sheets instead. The first tissue I ever used was a revelation and a pleasure. When they first appeared in Moscow, people stood in long lines for them, and they were not always available. I remember seeing people in the Moscow Metro wearing necklaces made up from rolls of tissue they just bought. Such necklaces could hang to the knees. People couldn’t carry that many – didn’t have big enough bags – so they wore them from store to home.


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