Due to just having moved (NOT to my desired, permanent future home!), this week I once again don’t have time to put out the number and typical in-depth type of posts I usually do. Hopefully I’ll soon be back to my normal schedule! In the meantime, enjoy these vintage ads for summer desserts.

From April 1967


Sometime in the 1960s

1940s menu and prices for an ice-cream parlor







1960s ice-cream menu

Do you have a favorite summer dessert or drink? Do you miss any ice-cream companies who’ve gone out of business? Any fond memories of a particular ice-cream parlor or truck you always went to in the summer? Do you prefer the established ice-creams and frozen treats or modern novelties?

6 thoughts on “Vintage summer dessert ads

  1. I find it fascinating that each era has its distinct style. You can glance at an ad and know which decade it came from. These were great. Happy adjusting to your new place.


  2. When I head off on our vacation this year I’m going to visit at least one Dairy Queen along the way. They closed my local Dairy Queen a few years ago and I don’t know if there is another very close to me. Texas has them everywhere.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  3. This was torture. Now I need to go and buy ice cream. I want Dairy Queen, but they closed our neighborhood location last year, and the closest one is downtown, 40 min by bus. Maybe a trip downtown is in order.


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