2016 blogging stats in review

Unfortunately, WordPress decided not to do their annual blogging year in review reports in 2016, so it’s fallen upon us to do them ourselves.

Once again, my most-viewed post by a landslide was “No, I will not get sucked into the cult of Arbonne!” It racked up 12,505 views, with 33,818 total since its December 2013 publication. This remains my only post I had to disable comments on, not including the post-Election Day post I pre-emptively disabled commenting for. The butthurt Arbots commenting on that post went far beyond politely disagreeing, but outright attacked me for daring to express another opinion.

My next-most viewed post remained “A Primer on Russian Names,” which was published 28 December 2012 and the first installment in what has become a long-running series. That post had 1,179 views in 2016.

Coming in at #3 was “Favorite Decameron stories, Part I,” published 28 December 2011. There were 835 views in 2016.

My fourth-most-viewed post was “The gender-industrial complex, Part I (Overview of why I’m writing this series),” which had 596 views since its publication on 8 February 2016. I was so nervous about the feedback I’d get from writing that 12-part series, and was very relieved I got such positive feedback instead of a bunch of Kool-Aid-drinking SJW Tumblrites coming out of the woodwork to tell me to die in a fire.

Closing out this year’s Top 5 was “Writing an arm amputee character,” published 27 October 2014. It had 559 views in 2016, some of them decidedly not interested in the true content of the post. I got some creepy, porny search terms based on how I’d briefly discussed how intimacy isn’t over just because someone loses an arm, and wished there were more respectful, tasteful resources like the one I linked to, instead of amputee porn and fetish sites. The irony!

The other posts in my Top 10 were:

“Favorite Decameron stories, Part III,” 243 views, published 2 January 2012
“Assorted thoughts on the Five Little Peppers series,” 240 views, published 21 December 2011
“Why I HATED The Book Thief,” 230 views, published 5 August 2013
“A primer on Albanian names,” 210 views, published 7 August 2015
“The Hardaga family of Bosnia,” 175 views, published 9 April 2015

Some big surprises in my year-end stats were a couple of longtime Top 5 posts slipping down into the Top 20 of overall views. “Pet rabbits, chickens, and ducks should be for keeps, not just Easter” was down to #14 for the year, though it remains my sixth-most-viewed post overall. Meanwhile, “Twilight Sleep” only had 16 views in 2016, and was down to being my 15th-most-viewed post of all time.

I remain totally baffled at how certain posts jumped so far up my list, both for the year and for all time. How, for example, did “Six Sentence Sunday—Savoring the Christmas Tree” of all posts become my eighth-most viewed post of all time? A lot of people found it with search terms like “few sentences about Christmas tree.” Another big surprise was “Uelen, Russia” shooting up to become my 16th-most viewed post of all time. Are that many people interested in a remote village of only 720 people?

My most-viewed film post was “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Part II (Behind the Scenes),” with 62 views in 2016 and 113 overall.

Do you keep tabs on your blog stats over the year and through your entire blogging history? Have there been any surprises? Have your most popular posts stayed consistent over time, or were there some dark horses that displaced them?

One thought on “2016 blogging stats in review

  1. You know, I don’t keep tabs on the popularity or the non-popularity of my blog posts. I guess it’s not very important to me. I can see why it’s a good marketing idea, but I flunked that class.


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