WeWriWa—Uninterested in romance


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. This week’s snippet comes right after last week’s, when Imre volunteered to accompany Csilla and two of her friends to a tashlich ceremony by the Danube. Imre’s mother said it was a good idea to take more than one man for protection, and the very tomboyish Csilla scoffed at such a notion.


“You’ll probably soon change your mind about men.” Mrs. Goldmark smiled at Csilla again, then quickly looked at Imre. “I’m surprised a girl of seventeen hasn’t become interested in courting and romance yet.”

“My mother was a spinster till she was thirty-five, and always told me and my sisters we shouldn’t be in a hurry to find beaux and husbands.  I was never particularly interested in marriage anyway, but now I’m not so sure I should ever marry.”

“I hope you change your mind, my dear child.” Mrs. Goldmark gave her the bag of fish food. “Don’t be gone too long.  You’re invited to dinner at my home again tonight.”


I originally had no plans to give Csilla any love story in this book, since she’s not that type at all, but I’ve really grown to like this plot development. Csilla’s serious, tomboyish nature doesn’t change much just because she’s attracted male attention. She’s such an unconventional young woman for a romantic storyline, and I love standing stereotypes on their head. The only real thing that changes is how she realizes she has the same kind of desires and feelings as a more traditionally feminine woman like her friend Klaudia.

Since I’m a big fan of psychologist Daryl Bem’s Exotic Becomes Erotic theory, Imre is a prettyboy and sensitive, poetic intellectual instead of some macho he-man. He’s the perfect match for a very tomboyish girl.


13 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Uninterested in romance

  1. Wow, Mrs. Goldmark is determined. A great snippet! And from your description, it sounds like they really are a perfect match. 🙂


    • Csilla’s always been very tomboyish, and doesn’t see herself as the type of girl to get into romance and girly things. After what she’s lived through during the war, she doesn’t know if bringing children into this kind of world would be ethical.

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