WeWriWa—Hating her hemlines


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. This week’s snippet comes a bit after last week’s, after Violetta has spoken with Katrin and her four younger daughters about her desire to keep her polio survivorship a secret. By 1948, none of Katrin’s daughters are children anymore, but they live at home due to being unmarried. Only oldest daughter Oliivia is married.

Though Violetta’s family has never been nearly as close to Katrin’s family as Igor’s family has been, Violetta became very good friends with twins Mireena and Milena when they regularly visited her during her recovery in the polio ward. Due to this close friendship, Katrin was moved to buy Violetta’s iron lung from the hospital so she could go home with her security blanket. Violetta’s parents couldn’t have afforded an iron lung, nor even more months of a hospital stay.

At the sound of footsteps and the elevator, Violetta repeats the importance of not telling anyone.


Igor, Ilya, and Milada come into the penthouse, and Violetta has a seat on the davenport with Mireena and Milena.  She gives a quick look down to make sure the outline of her caliper isn’t visible through her skirt.  If she didn’t have to wear this horrid thing all the time, she would’ve worn a sexy wiggle dress instead of such an antiquated long skirt.  Only extremely religious girls and women wear ankle-length hemlines these days, particularly to parties.  It’s a wonder she’s made any friends at all, when all the other co-eds go about in knee-length and mid-calf hemlines.  Even the dress code at her grandfather’s church, school, and camp doesn’t dictates ankle-length hemlines.

Igor comes over to Violetta and smiles at her. “You beat all the other guests.  Would you like to have some egg cream or pop while we’re waiting for the others?”


16 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Hating her hemlines

  1. I feel for her too, but I hope she realizes that anyone who doesn’t like you because of what you wear isn’t worthy of your friendship. I have the feeling that Igor is going to make her see that. At least I hope so.


  2. I’m weird. I like long skirts. (I hate wearing dresses or skirts of any kind, but when forced I like long ones.) I do feel for her, though, wishing she could wear what the other girls do. That must be horrible for anyone who is fashion conscious.


  3. Violetta is extremely self-conscious, but her ankle-length skirt does not seem to bother Igor. Great snippet! 🙂


  4. I think I’m starting to really relate to how she feels about carrying around secrets, having to hide, and worrying about making friends. Poor girl. I hope he helps lighten her burden and heart.


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