WeWriWa— “Don’t be a stranger”


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. This week’s excerpt comes right after last week’s, when Igor discovered his aunt Lyolya is the ballet teacher of Violetta’s youngest sister Flora. Though Violetta insists she’ll never marry, she nevertheless invites Igor to visit again sometime.

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“It’s starting to get dark,” Granyechka says. “You should probably head home, Gorik, so your great-aunt doesn’t worry too much.  She probably likes for you and your brother to come home on time, after she’s lost a child and had another one away at war for three years.”

“Please don’t be a stranger,” Violetta says. “You’re always welcome to come to our church for a change, to eat Sunday lunch with us, or to just visit.  I also expect to see you at some of the art museums.  Perhaps you’re free next Saturday?”

Igor smiles, his heart racing. “I sure am, for a nice girl like you.  Which museum would you like to go to?”


Igor’s great-aunt Valeriya lost her first child, Liza (Lizaveta), to measles pneumonia at age thirteen, in 1913. In her second marriage, to a deposed prince from the House of Golitsyn, she was blessed with two children at age 43 and 46.


12 thoughts on “WeWriWa— “Don’t be a stranger”

  1. That’s a good chap, there – asking which museum they should go to. Museums have long been one of my favourite places on earth and just about anyone who is keen to spend time there, real or fictional, gets a thumbs up in my books. 🙂

    Many hugs & sincere thanks for all of your great blog comments throughout July,
    ♥ Jessica


  2. She may be right about never marrying, but that’s no reason not to spend time with a handsome man. Great snippet, Carie-Anne. 🙂


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