WeWriWa—A ride home


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. This week’s snippet comes a few lines after last week’s, when Violetta suggested Igor might work as a counselor at the church camp her mother and grandfather run, or as a part-time art teacher at the church school.

Igor says it might be fun to work at camp or as an art teacher, since he’d love to have a lot of surrogate little brothers. He then offers Violetta a ride home in his great-aunt’s burgundy Ford Super Deluxe 8 Coupe, and she agrees, since she’s friends with his cousin Luiza and brother Fedya.

This has been slightly edited to fit 10 lines.

North side of Bleecker Street, Copyright © 2003 David Monniaux

Igor unlocks the car and throws his books into the backseat, then opens Violetta’s door.  Violetta sinks onto the seat facing the sidewalk, then swings her legs around.  This isn’t how anyone else has ever entered a car in Igor’s experience, but perhaps it’s some kind of modesty thing her mother taught her; as it is, Violetta already has a much longer hemline than any other co-ed he’s seen.

Violetta provides directions to Bleecker Street, which isn’t too far away from the library, but more than just a few blocks.  Igor recognizes the building as it comes into view, before Violetta even identifies it, from the few times he visited Fedya in the city.  It’s a brick edifice with a blue front door and purple curtains in the first floor windows.  Five young boys are playing in the street, kicking a ball back and forth.

“The one with the burnt umber cap is my baby brother Fernand,” Violetta says as she swings her legs out of the car. “I bet he’ll ask you how Feliks is.  He misses Felya so much.”


Feliks is Fedya’s son and Igor’s oldest nephew. When their branch of the family lived in New York, Feliks and Fernand were best friends because they lived across the hall.


15 thoughts on “WeWriWa—A ride home

  1. I think it’s fascinating that they met after their family having known each other years before. Intriguing snippet!


  2. So sweet of him to think it’s modesty that makes her get in the car that way. This was a much more forgiving time period than our own, it seems. If she did that today, he d’ likely say, “Why did you get in the car like that?” Love traveling back to this time in your snippets.


  3. Love the description of the cap color, very artistic for an artist. I wonder what she is hiding under the longer shirt and I love how he notices the little things that are different about her behavior.


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