WeWriWa—Exotic hair


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. This week’s snippet comes one line after last week’s, when Igor was detained by his cousin Luiza on his way to meet the woman with sexy feet. Though Igor and Violetta met a few times as children, they don’t immediately remember who the other is. Igor grew up in Minnesota, while Violetta remained in New York, and Igor and his parents aren’t among the people in his family who’ve become good friends with her family. They’re more like casual acquaintances.

Seventeen April 1949

Igor’s head jerks up when he sees the woman with sexy feet bent over a medium-sized sketchbook, a powder blue soft pastel in her left hand.  He’s found not only a fellow artist, but a fellow levsha as well.  She has a head full of long dark curls, though Igor can’t decide if her hair is true black like his own, or so dark brown it could pass for black.  At any rate, it’s the darkest hair he’s seen on a woman on either of the NYU campuses.  All the other women have lighter hair, nothing so exotic and alluring.  It’s the kind of hair he imagines a Gypsy would have.  Even his sable-haired mother and sisters don’t have curls.

“Do you mind company?” he whispers.

Picture 1

Three college students in a 1947 issue of Seventeen

When Violetta was introduced early in my third Russian historical, as a very young child, her hair was described as black like her mother Granyechka’s. I gradually forgot and began imagining her with dark brown hair. I figured this description of hair blurring the lines between black and very dark brown covered both bases.


14 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Exotic hair

  1. Great imagery. I don’t see a problem with blurring the hair color from somewhere between black and dark brown. I have dark brown hair, sometimes looks black in photos, but in the sun, my reddish highlights standout. So lighting can play a big part in hair color. Enjoyed the snippet. 🙂


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