The gender-industrial complex, Part X (Peak trans moments)

Warning: Any hateful, threatening, abusive comments will be deleted and the commenters blacklisted. You cult-like zealots are the entire reason I was roused into writing this series and no longer staying silent in spite of my overwhelmingly liberal views.

“Peak trans” refers to that moment when a previous supporter realizes something’s really, really rotten in Denmark, and starts questioning more and more things being presented not only uncritically, but celebratorily. The person then starts backing away from the former support of trans politics, and often ends up horrified at everything which is uncovered.

Some of my peak trans moments:

1. “Packers” being sold for girls as young as four. Let’s just say they’re totally disproportionate to what a normal boy looks like! This company gets them from a sex toy distributor. Classy. When you were a kid, did you go around looking at boys’ crotches to see if there were a bulge, or care about whether there were a little bulge in your own pants?

2. Special underwear for boys to mash down the bulge. Again, see above question. What kind of perverts are kids these days if they seriously go around inspecting their classmates’ and friends’ crotches to see if there’s a bulge?

3. Being called “transphobic,” “cissexist,” “cis scum,” “truscum,” “transmisogynistic,” “heterocisnormative,” a TEFF, and a whole host of other newly-coined slurs for daring to question anything about the current trans narrative. I was told I was being transphobic for simply making an offhand comment about how some (very vile) woman in a news story looked like a man.


4. The made-up term “cotton ceiling” to describe lesbians who dare not want to date and have sex with men in drag. If you’re a man, you’re not a lesbian, and no duh you’re having a hard time finding real lesbians who want to date someone with a penis!

5. The Tumblr-coined term “truscum” for people who dare insist on the long-accepted definition of transsexualism as being related to bodily dysphoria. The people who claim it’s possible to be trans without any dysphoria call themselves “tucute.”

6. Rewriting history to cast themselves as front and center, such as claiming the gay men who led the Stonewall riot were really trans.

7. Taking over a lot of LGB news outlets, organizations, and clubs to be all trans, all the time, and writing everyone else out of existence.

8. The transing of younger and younger kids! Minus all this inordinate media attention, we wouldn’t be seeing such an admitted explosion in the number of children now presenting to gender therapists and getting puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

8. Trying to force themselves into women’s safe spaces, like locker rooms and bathrooms.


9. The denial of biology, like saying a penis can be female too and that it’s just an opinion if a child is a boy or girl.

10. All the stereotypes out in full display. God forbid you just be a feminine man or masculine woman, instead of jumping on hormones and having surgeries! So many of these people become such caricatures of what they think a real man or woman is, like a dude-bro gym rat and a shopaholic princess bathed in pink.

11. An event to decorate cupcakes with vulvas was accused of being “transmisogynistic” and “violently transphobic” because it dared acknowledge women don’t have penises.


12. Many women’s studies programs, university women’s organizations and lecture series, and women’s bookstores being taken over by transactivists.

13. Teens and twentysomethings who never had an issue with their identity suddenly deciding they’re trans based on the power of peer pressure, media suggestion, and binge-watching YouTube videos. Being gender-nonconforming is no reason to permanently alter your body!

14, Historic women’s-only colleges, like Smith and Barnard, being cowed into accepting biological men.

15. Last but not least, creepy fetishist Stefonknee Wolscht being hailed as some brave hero and martyr. Google this individual if you haven’t already seen his story. It’ll leave you shocked and disgusted.


5 thoughts on “The gender-industrial complex, Part X (Peak trans moments)

    • Yo:

      Indeed, it’s very creepy. Just from my own childhood experience, I really don’t think kids think about genitals that often or at all unless there’s sexual abuse going on or this new brand of emotional abuse. I have a brother who is close in age to me and so we took baths together until I was about 3 or 4 so I had a vague idea that girls and boys were different, and that’s why we went to different bathrooms but I never thought much of it. Really, the only way a kid is going to get the idea that there is something wrong with his/her genitals is if abusive adults give them that idea.


  1. I have pretty similar things on my list. I used to have a tumblr account where most of it was fanart and TV show screencaps, and I got harrassed just for saying I was a lesbian.

    Another thing I had a problem with was the hijacking of pro-choice movements. I had been involved in that kind of activism since I was a teenager. Now you can’t point out that abortion is a woman’s issue since only females can get pregnant; it’s now a “people with uteruses” or “uterus-bearer” issue. And of course this benefits the right-wing because they can say “see it’s not a woman’s issue; we aren’t trying to control women.”

    If you point out the ridiculousness of it all, you’re a “misogynist” who is insulting infertile women, I mean people with uteruses. I’m a lesbian, childfree, and I have various reproductive health issues that most likely render me sterile, but I don’t throw a fit and say “it’s all about me, me, me” and get offended when people point out that only females can get pregnant because it’s a basic biological fact.

    Oh, I haven’t been able to find it, but there was some “news” article a while back saying that we should now refer to pre-menopausal women as “menstrators” because of some trans bs.


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