The gender-industrial complex, Part VIII (Denying biological reality)

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I’ve grown tremendously as a skeptic over the last few years (a lowercase skeptic, not one of those rigid uppercase Skeptics). Part of that skepticism now includes being highly questioning of the huge, overnight explosion of alleged transsexuals, particularly children. I absolutely believe there’s a legitimate, TINY minority of transsexuals, for whom medical and surgical transition is therapeutic and lifesaving. However, such diagnoses used to be made only after years of psychiatric counseling, not because “Johnny likes pink and only plays with dolls instead of action figures” or “I spent a couple of weeks watching YouTube videos after I started college, and now I’m convinced I’m trans!”

The transactivist zealots deny biological reality. For just one example, check out this story, “Mom worried her 7-year-old ‘son’ will be scarred for life if not taught that some mommies make sperm.” I’m completely gobsmacked! Oh noes, a little girl you’ve convinced yourself has to be male will be so traumatized if you tell her a penis is a male-only organ and that only women have uteri! The original article being discussed is full of such ridiculous lines like:

“Because the truth is, some boys do have uta-whatevers. And some girls have penises.”

“Sometimes mommies make sperm and sometimes daddies make eggs.”


WTF! In what universe are any of those things true? I’ve even heard someone claiming that famous line in Kindergarten Cop is no longer true, since “medical science has evolved.” To the point where women routinely have penises and men have female organs? No matter how deep your delusion is, biological reality can’t be denied. I love how this little girl doesn’t even know how babies are made, yet has enough life experience and knowledge about herself as to know she’s really a boy.

All these people act like it’s a done deal, in spite of the claim that puberty blockers are only to make sure the kid wants to transition. None of them even think about the child changing his or her mind. God forbid we return to the normal model we had just 5–10 years ago, letting kids be kids instead of forcing them into rigid boxes based on childish phases and innocent prattles. Thanks to neuroplasticity, children are highly impressionable. When everyone around them feeds this delusion, of course they’ll never think to question this erroneous belief.


The transactivist zealots claim it’s biological essentialism to define people by their genitals, but that’s not what it is at all. By saying genitals make you a man or woman, we’re not reducing people to walking sex organs. We’re just saying those are the physical markers distinguishing the sexes. If we thought people were nothing more than sex organs and their associated functions, we wouldn’t accept post-menopausal women, the infertile, women who’ve had mastectomies due to cancer, men who’ve lost their genitals to accidents, or the childfree by choice.

Humans are a sexually dimorphic species, with the rare exception of intersexed people. Modern recommendations are to assign a sex to an intersexed child but not perform surgery unless the person makes that decision on his or her own. Some may decide they feel comfortable with both types of organs, while others always strongly identity with one sex and elect to have the organs of the other sex surgically removed. You also don’t surgically alter a baby or young child who suffers an extreme accident or has a condition like micropenis. Nowadays, you’d never have a tragic case like David Reimer’s (to be discussed more in Part XI).


And speaking of “assigning” sex, that’s the only case where such terminology is correct. People are BORN one sex or the other. There’s no “assigning” or “designating” going on. It’s even more ridiculous to say you’re “coercively assigned” a sex. Biological sex is reality, not mere suggestion or opinion. Just check out this huge load of bollocks, seriously claiming it’s an act of cruel violence for a doctor to announce if a baby is a boy or a girl. I’m a huge fan of “The Story of an X,” the classic Seventies story about a gender-neutral child, but X’s parents still knew what sex their child really was!

If you’re a man, you have a penis and testicles. If you’re a woman, you have a vagina and vulva. Those organs can only belong to one sex. There’s no such thing as a “female penis,” and your female genitalia don’t constitute a penis. No man has a vagina, and it’s impossible for a lesbian to either have a penis or want to date someone with a penis. As a hetero woman, I’d be really upset to discover a “boyfriend” had deceived me about “his” true sex.

You weren’t “always a girl” if you were born a boy. People didn’t just “think” you were a girl just because you’re an FTM. It’s particularly rich to claim such fantasies if you did things only one sex can do, like fathering children, giving birth, serving in combat, attending a single-sex school, or belonging to Boy Scouts.


5 thoughts on “The gender-industrial complex, Part VIII (Denying biological reality)

  1. Thank you. I completely agree. There’s a small percentage of people who are born with genetic anomalies, but there have always been women who think or act more like men, and men who act more like women. It’s called variety and the vast number of genetics floating about this planet were destined to create a mixed bag.


  2. Talk about being anti-science. Whether you have two X chromosomes or and X and a Y chromosome is a matter of biological reality, not opinion. If you are in a couple, and you and your S.O. can reproduce together, then you are not a homosexual couple, but a heterosexual couple. Sorry not sorry that your life is boring, but get a life and stop pretending to be us.

    I do not believe in “true transexuals” because SRS is a fad initially started by the unethical medical industry to “cure” homosexuality. For adults, if you make the choice to get plastic surgery that’s your decision, but the part where I have a problem is expecting everyone else to legally and emotionally play along with your fantasy, at the risk of women’s safety. I really think the whole thing has turned into a pseudo-religious cult where you must obey the dogma or else. This is why you get screamed at for not playing along, and if you are a woman you get rape and death threats.


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