The gender-industrial complex, Part VI (Teens and twentysomethings)

Warning: Any hateful, threatening, abusive comments will be deleted and the commenters blacklisted. This ain’t one of your YouTube, Reddit, and Tumblr hangouts, where no skepticism is allowed. I’m genuinely concerned for the young people involved in this disproportionately exploding trend, in numbers completely unsupported by honest scientific and historical investigation.

During our teens and early twenties, our brains are still developing. Modern evidence of neuroplasticity says the brain doesn’t fully finish developing until about age 25. We’re such different people at 25 than we were at 21, 18, 15, 12. Not only that, but because of neuroplasticity, we’re more highly suggestible at younger ages. It’s why kids are so susceptible to commercials and why adolescents succumb to peer pressure. In the age of Internet and mass social media, it’s now easier for ideas to be planted.


One of the blogs I regularly read is Transgender Reality: What Trans People Are Really Saying Online. It’s shocking to see all this evidence of minors being groomed and gaslighted, even when they started out saying they didn’t have any issues with their bodies or the fact that they’re a certain sex. For example, a normal, healthy teen boy who’s not very stereotypically masculine can go from just questioning his identity to hating his body and being desperate for estrogen and surgery within a few months. Another post regarded a 16-year-old girl who was told to buy her 18-year-old brother women’s underwear so he’d stop stealing hers, or he’d totally commit suicide. The “transition or die” narrative is heavily pushed.

Look at some of the “evidence” of transsexualism on display among young men on YouTube, Reddit, and Tumblr:

Not liking math and science
Having long hair
Hating sports
Liking pink
Preferring female to male company
Wearing makeup from time to time
Being sensitive
Enjoying shopping
Never liking stereotypical “boy toys” and preferring dolls and tea sets
Being very good at liberal arts subjects
Being afraid of spiders
Never getting into schoolyard fights
Having a lot of stuffed animals
Taking dance
Trying on a mother or sister’s clothes


Some “evidence” provided by young women:

Loving sports
Loving Pokémon and Dragonball Z
Crying when forced to wear a dress to junior high graduation
Hating ballet class
Always wearing pants
Having short hair
Being very good at math and science
Being assertive and aggressive
Getting in schoolyard fights
Hating housework
Never wearing makeup
Hating pink
Being a so-called “tomboy”
Being uncomfortable with growing breasts and getting a period
Preferring male characters in movies and books
Having more male than female friends
Liking superheroes instead of Disney princesses

It’s pretty freaking insulting to both sexes to define what a real man or woman is by a collection of sexist stereotypes! Since I’ve never been a girly-girl, I’ve sometimes been asked if I’m sure I’m really not a guy or if I’m not missing a chromosome. I’ve also sometimes been told I should’ve been born a man. My great-grandpap Ben even used to say I was built like a football player and had a boy’s body wasted on a girl. But guess what, I’ve never had any desire to radically alter my body just because my interests and behavior are more stereotypically masculine than feminine! I really enjoy serving as an example of gender-nonconformity.


Like many young women, I was rather uncomfortable by the onset of puberty. I was dragged kicking and screaming into wearing a bra in sixth grade, and I was so ashamed and secretive of menarche, my mother had to find out from a call by the school nurse. (I don’t even know how the nurse found out when I told no one!) For years, this shame and secrecy continued, so strongly I couldn’t even bring myself to say the words “period” or “menstruation.” I was too scared to tell my gym teachers I couldn’t go swimming on my 13th birthday because of my period, so I hid in the locker room closet while everyone was in the pool.

And guess what, I now have a much healthier, celebratory attitude towards this beautiful, natural process. Learning about the Jewish laws of taharat hamishpacha (family purity) when I was 18 really helped, as did my later discovery of reusable menstrual products. In hindsight, I don’t consider this dysphoria at all, but rather a fear and shame I absorbed from a media and popular culture which don’t exactly have the greatest respect for women’s bodies. A woman or girl with an unusually large chest can be whistled at or groped, and so many ads for sanitary products act like it’s the most embarrassing, disgusting thing ever if anyone finds out a woman’s on her period.


Thankfully, I grew up in the Eighties and Nineties, when kids were allowed to just be normal kids, before the constant Internet onslaught. So many of these confused young people admit they binge-watched YouTube videos for a few weeks, in addition to going on Tumblr and Reddit. Frequently, they rename themselves some currently trendy name, just like a certain person from a notorious attention whore family did. It’s deplorable and morally reprehensible how they use the “transition or suicide” line to guilt their parents into getting them packers, binders, and drugs underage.

The brain doesn’t finish developing till about age 25. There’s zero logical reason to allow a minor, or even someone who’s only a few years into adulthood, to make such irreversible medical decisions. I honestly take someone’s transsexual identity a lot more seriously if this person is well into adulthood and has been dealing with true feelings of dysphoria for an entire lifetime, and didn’t just declare this identity out of the blue at age 15 or 21.

4 thoughts on “The gender-industrial complex, Part VI (Teens and twentysomethings)

  1. Many of that evidence is ridiculous. So many men hate spiders, sports, have long hair, dance, hate math, and are sensitive but they aren’t transgender or even gay. And I hate pink, math, and always wear pants but I’m not Trans or a lesibian. I’m not even bi. Everyone is different.


  2. I am loving and reblogging this series. Some of my trans friends and trans-loving friends are resistant to these discussions and don’t want to face how out of control and horribly abusive the trans messages have become, so thanks for posting!

    As a non-gender conforming, bi women over 60, I can whole-heartedly agree with the exhortation to tell all youth to WAIT until they’re older before making irreversible decisions regarding anything, especially things that involve altering their body surgerically and/or hormonally and declaring their identities.

    Some of us know that identities of many kinds are fluid and change with context and over time for us all; some do not know this or have more fixed identities. We all need to make more space for variations so that we don’t cause people who diverge from the middle to be considered irregular enough to have to do something drastic to themselves in order to find a comfortable place to dwell on any identity continuum.

    best to you,



  3. Wow. So according to that ‘evidence’ I’d be considered transsexual because about 10 of those things on the girl list are me. But if you saw inside my head, you’d know that’s not the case, so you can’t say if a person has some of those things that must mean they are trans. No, it just means that maybe that boy likes the color pink. Or that girl thinks short hair is cute (I know I think that.)

    What I want to know is why are people jumping the gun to declare teens and younger kids as trans?


  4. More proof that the entire thing is based on sexist stereotypes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; you can’t change your sex anymore than you can change species or race.

    These wackjobs have told me that because I went into the math and sciences and because I’m a lesbian I must really be trans. Talk about combining misogyny and lesbian-hatred! It makes sense though since the “sex change operation” did start off as a way to convert homosexuals into being het. (Ask Iran about it.) Of course, now the most common people taking this up are autogynophile het men.

    This reminds me of the “everyone is bisexual” trend that was going on when I was in high school, but at least no one got too pissed over it, kept denying scientific reality, or was taking off-label drugs because you don’t need drugs to be bisexual.

    I also hated having a period because it was painful (it turned out I have a lot of reproductive health issues) and having breasts because of perverts sexually harassing me. But that’s the story of most girls and it doesn’t mean I’m a dude. (Why on earth would any female want to join up with dudes knowing that as a group they hate us and are destroying the earth?)


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