The gender-industrial complex, Part I (Overview of why I’m writing this series)

Warning: Any hateful, threatening, abusive comments will be deleted and the commenters blacklisted. This ain’t one of your hangouts on YouTube, Reddit, and Tumblr, where zero skepticism or questioning is allowed. I do, however, welcome respectful comments from voices usually ignored in the current media climate.

Like many people of my political leanings, I started out wanting to be an open-minded ally, the same way I’ve always supported other oppressed, minority groups. However, I reached a point where I just became really skeptical and began questioning a lot of the popular media’s narrative. I think what got to me was the huge jump in allegedly transsexual children, as well as being accused of “transphobia” for the least little thing, like making an innocent comment about how some woman looks like a man. I discovered the gender critical blogosphere, and have just been blown away by what I’ve discovered, such as:

The whole SJW culture driving much of this phenomenon.

These puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones being given to younger and younger children have never been studied for longterm side-effects.

Since the T attached itself to the LGB community, they’ve taken over so many organizations, clubs, and news outlets, to the point where there’s a growing movement, and a petition, to drop the T.

Munchausen’s by proxy among a lot of these mothers of alleged transkids.


Almost no questioning or skepticism from the media every time yet another story is published or broadcast.

A large majority of autogynephiles among MTFs.

The whole problematic concept of gender, which is just a social construct, not an innate identity.

Co-opting the stories of intersexed people.

Completely misinterpreting the tragic story of David Reimer to fit their own agenda. David was born a normal male, suffered a freak accident as a baby, and was unsuccessfully raised as a girl till age 14, but never felt himself to be female. He wasn’t a natal female who always felt male!

Constantly shifting goalposts and terminology. I remember when “sex change operation” was the normal phrase, and it’s eventually moved up to “gender-confirmation surgery.”


Up to 71 gender options on Facebook, when humans are a sexually dimorphic species. With the rare exceptions of intersexed people, you’re either male or female.

Denying biological reality and attacking anyone who dares say a penis isn’t a female organ.

Transing younger and younger kids just for not conforming to rigid stereotypes and going through what used to be seen as a normal, temporary phase of wanting to be the opposite sex. Studies show at least 80% of them grow out of such behavior, and frequently just end up gay.

Gender-nonconforming teens and twentysomethings, usually gay, with zero history of dysphoria or suspecting they’re trans, suddenly announcing their transition after binge-watching YouTube videos, reading Tumblr blogs, and asking questions on Reddit. Before long, they’re talking about how they hate their bodies and were never their natal sex.


Doctors giving out these drugs just on someone’s say-so instead of after years of psychiatric counseling. It’s now illegal in many states to do anything but immediately affirm a claim to be trans and start prescribing drugs.

Made-up pronouns like bunself, faeself, zir, and ze.

Rewriting and denying their own history, like saying “I was never a girl” or “I was really born a boy,” in spite of having lived their entire lives and being socialized as their natal sex.

Attacking anyone who doesn’t march in lockstep with their ideology, even eating their own if they take a different view. Anyone who so much as questions anything is called a bigot, a TERF, a transphobe, a transmisogynist, “cis scum,” “truscum,” etc.


Defending keeping their sex a secret from a partner, instead of being honest as soon as possible. They’d so accuse Jerry Springer of “transphobia” for how he always calls people out for not disclosing their true sex before being intimate or starting a relationship.

Going behind parents’ backs to give minors drugs, packers, and binders.

Allowing kids as young as 14 to have irreversible surgeries.

Psychiatrists, doctors, and gender therapists leaving their positions because they refused to diagnose gender dysphoria at the very first meeting and then giving out the drugs.

Zero evidence in history of transkids!


Bringing back sex-based stereotypes I thought we’d left behind decades ago, instead of realizing normal people are made of both masculine and feminine attributes.

Constantly throwing out a debunked 41% suicide attempt rate as scare tactic leverage.

The almost complete disappearance of younger butch lesbians and effeminate gay men, replaced by supposed transsexuals. This is 21st century “conversion therapy.”

Making up the ridiculous word “cisgender” to describe 99.9999% of the population. This word is also problematic for assuming you’re either trans or neatly fit into the gender binary and all its sex-based stereotypes.


Calling people “transphobic” for not wanting to date or be intimate with someone whose genitals don’t match your orientation. As a heterosexual woman, I don’t want to date a biological woman, just as a lesbian or straight guy doesn’t want a biological man.

I had so much to rant about on this subject, it ended up a 12-part series!

Author: Carrie-Anne

Writer of historical fiction sagas and series, with elements of women's fiction, romance, and Bildungsroman. Born in the wrong generation on several fronts.

19 thoughts on “The gender-industrial complex, Part I (Overview of why I’m writing this series)”

  1. Thanks, Carrie-Anne, for your honesty, thoughtfulness, insights and excellent concerns and questions, well-expressed and respectfully framed. I hope great discussions and some much-needed further questions are inspired from this and future posts.

    I agree that the the idea of a “trans child” has been bothering me a lot, acknowledging many of your points, above, and adding this one: since we know that gender is a familial, religious, community- and society-based social construct, how does any child “know” what gender s/he is or isn’t as if s/he is in a vacuum and just “knows”? The claim of inherently “knowing” one’s gender seems absurd.

    YET, if we argue or don’t agree, people I care about a lot and respect who are allowing their children to live as the opposite sex to their biology, claiming that their child “knows” at the age of 3 or 4 or 5 that s/he is NOT what s/he was born as, let me know I’m being disrespectful, ageist, and otherwise incorrect.

    I’m appalled. I want to be supportive and I care about these people, but I completely disagree.

    As a long-time educator with degrees in child development, I wouldn’t let a pre-schooler decide ANYTHING important, much less what gender s/he is! Kids that age don’t even have a firm grasp on our shared reality (hence, their beliefs in fairy tales, imaginary creatures and figures that spring from TV and movies as real), so how could they possibly “know” what gender they “really” are? Shouldn’t we let their brains finish developing (which happens at age 25; not kidding) and their understanding of cultural constructs become better informed before we give anyone permission to make such drastic and permanent decisions as the removal or altering of body parts?

    Furthermore, once an older child or teen “decides” that s/he is not their biological gender, aren’t they, as you write, above, merely telling us that they don’t want to conform to the most rigid version of that gender? Well, most of us don’t! But, that doesn’t mean we want to have surgery or take hormones to become the rigid version of the other gender, either.

    Why can’t we be what/who we are and allow for change over our lifetimes for both gender and sexual orientation identities (which I wrote my doctoral thesis about, BTW) and not surgically or chemically alter our bodies in a misguided attempt to become who we believe we are (because we keep changing!!)?

    Let’s keep talking about these issues, please?

    Best to you all,

    Sally Ember, Ed.D.


  2. This is a touchy subject. I support transgender people but some things do raise questions, which you covered in this post.

    Don’t pre-teens and teens have talk to psychologists, etc. before transitioning to make sure they really feel they are the opposite sex? I thought I read that somewhere. Surely they can’t just dive right into transitioning after making up their minds that they’re transgender.


    1. It’s become illegal in many areas to do anything but immediately agree with the patient’s self-diagnosis, instead of insisting on numerous counseling sessions. Many people are going on drugs and getting surgeries within weeks or months of that first and only meeting.


      1. There should be a lot more to it than just one meeting. I mean, it’s a huge decision and a big process that they’ll have to adjust to and live with. They should have counseling (not to change their minds) but so the patient can figure out if this is really what they want after knowing about everything transitioning involves. There should even be classes to prepare them because for some it can be difficult to adjust to such a rapid change.


    2. I took my young teen to a therapist and endocrinologist when she told me she thought she was trans. After the first meeting (less than an hour) they were ready to sign my daughter up for Testosterone treatment the next week. The doctor briefly mention to my daughter that she would be sterile, unable to have children ever, and then proceeded to gush over how brave she was. Meanwhile, I’m picking my jaw up off the floor to protest her words. I was shocked at how quickly my young teen’s uninformed decision was validated by the medical community. It has made me hesitant to trust the many other counselors and therapists we have seen since then.


      1. That’s really frightening! I hope more people reach peak trans and start questioning all these things being presented so uncritically and celebratorily. Until about five years ago, no one would’ve found it acceptable to immediately begin giving children and teens puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.


    1. So many of these people have other issues (either ongoing or in the past) which quite possibly are really causing their psychological confusion, like eating disorders, cutting, incest, rape, depression, autism, and ADHD. Taking a patient’s word for it on the first and only meeting is as wrong as a doctor agreeing with some hypochondriac’s self-diagnosis of cancer or parasites, without even doing an exam or running any tests.

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      1. Exactly. No doctor would offer liposuction to an anorexic so why is this acceptable practice? It’s shameful.


  3. Some of this stuff is getting ridiculous, but I am not surprised someone called you transphobic for saying a woman looked masculine. Those people honestly scare me with how they dog pile someone who goes against what they say. They turn on their own so quickly. There’s a few youtubers I follow that talk about this (one is actually transgender and used to be an SWJ but got sick of it. Blaire White if you want to look her up. She has great insight about a lot of it since she’s been on both sides of the fence) and it’s just like “wow, how can those people be happy when they are constantly finding things to be mad about?” That’s honestly no way to live in my opinion. Diversity is awesome and needed, but if you’re making yourself miserable trying to achieve it, maybe you’re letting it define too much of your life.


  4. As far as children go, they have so many phases in life and adults need to stand back instead of jumping in to label or shove therapy down their throats. I’ve seen this throughout my life both inside and outside the classroom. I don’t think we need to pick apart every little thing and create dozens of labels. I was shocked by that Twitter screenshot. Some people are way too PC and jumpy. The first meeting also surprises me.


  5. The medical establishment has been always irresponsible to the plight of transsexual people . Even 10. Years ago I got diagnosed after 2 sessions .. Following session had nothing therapeutic and everything to do with pounding and finding my gender identity. This movement has been taken over by fetish crazed man


  6. I love you!!! Great research.

    Maybe I’m paranoid, but it feels like this aggressive promotion of all things trans is a new front in a war vs women. This push vis a vis locker rooms and bathrooms literally opens the door to sex predators being able to harass women. Most of what creeps do don’t warrant police involvement or are enough to earn media coverage, but the experiences can still be extremely unpleasant and such protective laws will just enable them. I also found a list of crimes committed BY transgender MtF, yet so many people repeat that there have been zero instances without actually looking it up to see whether it’s true or not. The way some people leap onto the bandwagon with such willful blindness is pretty frightening.

    This trend with “transgender” children I find so disturbing. These are children who aren’t even legally old enough to consent to sex making these decisions?? It’s nuts. I saw a clip on CTV news in Canada that involved a child of ten. It’s one thing for someone with a chromosomal disorder but otherwise, I can’t see how it’s not tantamount to abuse.


    1. I would love to see the sources for the trans crimes. Can you share them? My husband and I were debating this the other week, as we live in NC a.k.a. Home of the Bathroom Bill.


      1. Looking for info on trans predators? There’s a YouTube video called “Women: decide for yourselves” . There’s also a site, Allison’s Law which campaigns to stop rapists and violent predators from changing their legal name or gender. You can search there for bathroom attacks among the hundreds documented. Having trouble posting links ATM, but both are easy to find, Wendi.


    2. It’s insane how many people on my friends list on Facebook have been posting in enthusiastic support of allowing men into women’s bathrooms, and insisting “Transwomen ARE women, period!” Would they still be cool with it if they knew this is also about locker rooms, shower facilities, women’s-only schools, women’s prisons, homeless shelters, and rape crisis centers?

      The transkids thing is perhaps the most disturbing part of all. I’m so grateful to my parents for raising me and my little brother as people, not a collection of stereotypes. It’s like everyone has suddenly forgotten kids engage in creative play and go through phases of wanting to be the opposite sex. Left alone, at least 80% of children grow out of dysphoria by puberty.


  7. I’m also supportive of transpeople but I do have to admit, I’ve had my doubts on some claims made by them. I always go back to the thought of gender conformity and I think: if they don’t conform to the strict stereotypes of their biological sex, why go through all that trouble to conform to the opposite sex? I myself have had gender dysphoria at several points of my life as I am a queer teenage girl who doesn’t like to be confined in the social construct of gender. But just because I hate periods and being too “girly”, doesn’t make me less of a girl or more of a man. femininity and masculinity shouldn’t depend on your clothes, body hair, or how much makeup you wear! We should all just live as humans and not worry about what our body looks like (of course, it’s still important to keep your body healthy and hygienic). This article has answered so many questions of mine; thank goodness I stumbled upon it! I hope to be able to spread this word to others without being hated and called transphobic. I don’t hate transpeople! I just don’t agree with some of their ideas. I’m rambling so I’ll stop here; thank you so much for writing this well-written piece!

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