WeWriWa—Scars accepted


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. This week’s snippet immediately follows last week’s, where Arkadiya finally revealed the secret on her arms. When she was twelve, she accidentally pulled a pot of boiling water onto herself, and sustained extensive burns on both arms and her stomach. She’s offered to change into a long-sleeved gown for the engagement photos, or suggested the photography session might be rescheduled so a long-sleeved gown can be made in the exact style and color as the gown she was asked to wear.


A gown worn by Aleksey’s mother, Empress Aleksandra

“No, you should present yourself to the public exactly as you are.  If only I had the courage to do the same and tell the people about my illness.  I’ve long preferred people who aren’t perfect, people who’ve known suffering and aren’t just like everyone else.  It builds character and compassion.  Didn’t I tell you you’re the exact type of empress-consort I need?”

“You really want your official engagement photograph to show those blemishes on your bride, Your Majesty?” the photographer asked. “People will talk, you know.”

“I don’t care what the wrong type of people have to say about me or my betrothed.  I specifically wanted a Tsaritsa who’s not considered a traditionally desirable marriage candidate.  For the love of God, it’s not like some visible scars on her arms could ever possibly invite worse gossip and criticism than the kinds of things which were said about my mother from the beginning.”


22 comments on “WeWriWa—Scars accepted

  1. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Shades of Cromwell and his mole.My WeWriWa.


  2. Arlee Bird says:

    I like where this went. Nice writing.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


  3. Now that’s a man in all his splendor! She totally has to marry him!


  4. Kim Magennis says:

    I am with Linda on this one! She must succumb to his charms! Please?


  5. Sure makes you wonder what Aleksey would have been like as an adult, in real life. I’m enjoying every one of your excerpts!


  6. emmygatrell says:

    Great snippet! Can’t wait to see where you take us next week!


  7. I admire his principles but if he hasn’t gone public with his illness, why should she reveal all of her flaws?


  8. I get where he’s coming from but it’s really should be HER decision, not his. Sorry, Aleksey, your heart is in the right place generally, but you’re being a Tsar here! Enjoyed the excerpt, very realistic as to how he probably would think, had he lived.


  9. OMG—*huge* fan of the Romanovs here. Please let me know when this is done; I’d love to read it!

    Looking forward to your Lost & Found post tomorrow 🙂
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter & Life In Dogs


  10. siobhanmuir says:

    I like his drive and determination, but it should be her decision. She needs to feel comfortable, too. I found a typo – “possible” should be “possibly”, but I liked that he sees her as a person, not the scars she wears. Great snippet, Carrie-Anne. 🙂


  11. Great snippet. I wonder what her opinion is on this matter. He is a good man to accept her as she is. Perhaps he will be pushed to accept himself and his illness?


  12. I love that he is standing up for her. Great snippet. 🙂


  13. I agree with Marcia–it really makes me wonder what if–if he had lived. Your story is wonderful–and has a haunting bittersweet feel, Anna. 🙂


  14. Why do people have to be perfect, anyway? So few of us are.


  15. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Absolutely gorgeous gown! I know he want to love her “just the way she is,” but she should have a say as well. Still, lovely sentiment. 🙂


  16. Love the dress! Your Aleksey is admirable.


  17. Alexis Duran says:

    This snippet offers great insight into both of them. I’m glad he’s not ashamed of her flaws, but that sort of revelation is asking a lot of a woman, especially back then.


  18. I have to agree with everyone else. I love that he doesn’t care about her scars or public opinion, but we all know that people are cruel, so it should be her decision. And I can’t wait to see her reaction to finding out that her scars don’t bother him. 🙂


  19. Author Jessica E. Subject says:

    Oh, he is very sweet! Now I’m curious about his mother and his own illness. Tell me more! 🙂


  20. P.T. Wyant says:

    I love that he’s not so shallow as to only be interested in looks and perfection. But he should let her decide and respect her decision. But on the other hand, maybe he’s trying to give her the courage to accept herself as she is.


  21. Well…what was the talk about his mother in the beginning? You can’t just leave us like that. I see both sides of his character in this. Ultimately yes, it is her decision, not his to make if she wants her scars shown or not. But I see also that maybe it’s too build courage and acceptance of self. Tricky road here he’s walking down with her. It could either push her away, or bring her closer. I’m at least glad he’s not shallow on the looks.


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