Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday, weekly Sunday hops where writers share 8–10 sentences from a book or WIP. This snippet comes a few pages after last week’s, after Arkadiya Gagarina, a morganatic princess, received a letter from the Emperor and “humble” gifts of a sapphire necklace, an amethyst bracelet, emerald hairpins, and ruby earrings.

A call recently went out for morganatic princesses to report for an audition for empress-consort, though Arkadiya didn’t appear. However, that just means a more assertive approach is needed.

Car near the forest

Arkadiya slowly ambulated to her door at the sound of insistent knocking.  Through her swimming senses, she managed to unlock and open the door.  As disoriented and hollow as she felt, she immediately noticed her visitors wore some sort of Imperial uniform.

“Have I done something wrong?  I haven’t left my room for the last few days since I’m not feeling well, but I didn’t think I’d done anything to offend His Majesty when I was at the palace.”

“You’ve done nothing wrong; on the contrary, His Majesty is very eager to see you again.  There was a notice recently, calling for all morganatic princesses of the appropriate age to appear at the palace to be considered for position of Tsaritsa, and you didn’t respond to the invitation.  His Majesty was quite sorely disappointed you didn’t appear.”

14 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Stepping up the game

  1. “quite sorely disappointed” — if he wasn’t smitten with her this would be a big “uh-oh!” (Somehow disappointing the tsar doesn’t sound like a good idea…) Great snippet — I’m really enjoying this.


  2. Well if that isn’t a big flashing neon sign saying “I like you!” I don’t know what is. Oh, wait… They didn’t have big neon signs back then… Never mind. I see what P.T. says though, that could be taken two different ways. I don’t think I’d want to disappoint someone of his stature either. Question is now, which way will she interpret that?


  3. Ah, the game’s afoot! The question, though, is whether she’s going to pick up on his interest, or remain oblivious until Aleksey comes right out and tells her she’s the only one he wants….


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