Ready. Set. Write!, hosted by Alison MillerKaty UppermanElodie NowodazkijJaime Morrow, and Erin Funk, comes to an end this week. Instead of the usual headings, it’ll just be a recap of our summer progress.

The last RSW post of this summer includes a manicure reflecting our WIPs in some way. Mine is orange, red, and blue:


Yes, my mezuzah has turtles on it. I saw it in a Judaica shop in the Cardo section of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, and couldn’t resist.


I found the Russian house blessing in a shop in Tzfat, a mystical, artistic city in Northern Israel.

Orange is because Aleksey was a Leo, and orange is one of Leo’s signature colours, along with yellow and gold. Red represents a very strong life force. He constantly bounced back from the jaws of Death, even when he was given up for dead and given Last Rites. In real life, he was the last member of his family to be murdered, staying alive even after being shot at numerous times and when he was too sick to get out of that armchair. And blue is because that was probably one of his favourite colours, since he wore it so often.

Yellow would’ve been a nice choice too, since that’s also a signature Leo colour and the best colour of the unlikely Tsaritsa, Arkadiya, but yellow would go over about as well as pale pink on my nails. It would probably wash out my ghost-white skin, and not even show up very well. It’s the same way with how I’d probably look pretty foolish with any oral piercings beyond the tongue and Monroe/Madonna (beauty mark). They look awesome on other people, but just don’t work well with my appearance.


I added 83,000 words to my WIP over the summer, though I feel I could’ve done better and written more. 60,000 of those words came during July. I still have to finish Parts II and III, and do a lot of work on Part IV. Perhaps if I’d written out of order the entire summer, instead of only going back to that successful strategy so late, I would’ve only had Part IV left to finish. I’ve become such a negligent fairy godmother to my protagonist.

alexei 2

I did do all the major planning/plotting for my fourth Russian historical, which I’ll be starting in NaNo. I’m so excited to have complete chapter-by-chapter notes and a sense of all the major storylines. I also published the third edition of You Cannot Kill a Swan and did a good portion of the last major edit of The Twelfth Time. I’m still waiting to hear back from the potential cover artist, though.


I had been planning to reward myself with my fourth lobe piercings, but given how my thirds aren’t 100% healed yet (but doing much better), I really think it’s the best idea to let them marinate for a little while longer and make sure they’re completely healed before getting my fourths. I’m hoping to get my navel done instead, though if I’m not anatomically suited to it, I’ll ask for my conch instead, right above the spot I’m saving for my fourths.

Still, I’m hopeful I’m built properly for a navel piercing, since I’ve wanted one for so long, and love the idea of disproving the stereotype that only skinny teen girls get them. It took so many years to accept the fact that I matured into a lower plus size and will probably never be a size 10, or even a 12, again. Decorating my body in this way would be a really powerful, special way of celebrating.

6 thoughts on “RSW Summer Recap

  1. Love your manicure, Carrie-Anne, especially after reading about the symbolism of the colors you chose. So pretty! It’s been a blast writing with you this summer. Best of luck with your projects as we head into fall. ❤


  2. It’s awesome that you put so much thought into your manicure! I was hoping participants would do that. And the nail polish itself is bright and pretty! 83k is a great accomplishment, Carrie-Anne, even if you were hoping to get more done! Hope your momentum continues this fall!


  3. I love the colours you chose for your nails and the reasons behind them! And wow, 83k! I’m in awe…! (Particularly that you’re disappointed you didn’t do more! *grins* I’m just a tiny bit jealous about how much you wrote. 😉 🙂 )

    Fingers crossed you can get your navel piercing (though you wrote so much I think you definitely deserve both that and your ear 😉 ).


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