RSW Fourth Update


Ready. Set. Write! is a summer-long initiative hosted by Alison MillerKaty UppermanElodie NowodazkijJaime Morrow, and Erin Funk. Each week, participants post brief updates under five headings.

  • How I did on last week’s goal(s)

I wrote 10,000 words and pulled together some more solid ideas for storylines for Part II. Now I’m much more confident about writing it well, instead of having to force myself through or end up overwriting because I have no idea which direction to take.

  • My goal(s) for this week

Work on several more chapters of Part II, and make sure it’s tight and focused.

  • A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised

Mikhail strode over to his nephew, knelt by him, and enfolded him in his arms. “Those memories will live as long as you do.  You can’t just compel them out of your brain by painting them, drawing them, sculpting them, or writing about them.  If I could, I’d put all your bad memories in a sealed iron box and throw it into the bottom of the ocean, but memory doesn’t work like that.  We have to live with all our memories, both good and bad, our entire lives.  We can’t just remember the happy times.  Ugly memories are part of who we are, and shape us into the people we become.”

  • The biggest challenge I faced this week

Writing a child’s deathbed scene (though the actual death happened off the pages). The victim is 35-month-old Prince Savva Konstantinovich, the firstborn child of Grand Duchess Olga and Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich the younger. Just like his uncle (and younger brother, who’s also going to die in childhood), he inherited the bleeding disease. He has a minor fall which causes a cerebral hemorrhage, the same thing which killed his great-uncle Frittie and cousin Heinrich.

  • Something I love about my WIP

I love writing the Dowager Empress as a nagging, overbearing grandmother and mother-in-law. There’s absolutely no disrespect intended towards her memory, but she definitely had very strong views on how royalty should behave, and had a very strong personality, to say the least. She’s not at all shy about sharing her opinions with her family, even if they don’t share her views at all.

I also love writing the scheming Vladimirovichi as the background antagonists, whom Grand Duke Mikhail is determined to keep away from the throne. This branch of the Imperial Family has long been very ambitious, to put it mildly, even though their claims to legitimate succession are rather dubious under House Laws. Even now, they want to get the throne if the monarchy is restored. I personally support a restoration of the monarchy, but not with anyone from that family!


11 thoughts on “RSW Fourth Update

  1. Wow, congratulations on that downright phenomenal amount of words last week! I’m glad it’s helped you become more sure of the story direction too. (May have to steal a little of that inspiration… *grins* ) Writing death scenes for any character is gut-wrenching, but one with children is just awful, isn’t it? At least you’ve done it now so it’s out the way…

    I love your excerpt (and really do need to remember that myself too…), but then I do love the way you write your characters anyway. 🙂 That you’re having fun writing them and enjoying the machinations of the antagonists really does show! Good luck with this week, I hope it’s just as productive!


  2. Pulling together story ideas and giving yourself direction as you move forward is so great. I have the worst time when I haven’t gotten these things in order first and just end up meandering like you mentioned. Hope it works out well for you this week!


  3. Awesome job last week! I don’t think I could get through a death scene for a child like that. Makes me queasy just thinking about it. Hope you got through it with minimal tissues. Good luck on your goals this week! 🙂


  4. Yay for the confidence factor! Can you send some my way? 😉 It’s so great though when you get that direction you need. So happy for you! And good luck this week!


  5. And here I was happy with my seven pages…. 10K words is a great count. Granted, you make real justice of your writing time. While we’re all chatting away at writing group, you’re writing. I’m not surprised it has paid off in a huge, beautiful wordcount.

    And your excerpt… exactly. We are our memories.


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