IWSG—Some odds and sods


The first Wednesday of every month, The Insecure Writer’s Support Group convenes to share struggles, insecurities, triumphs, doubts, and other odds and sods.

Of the three books I’m planning to release this year, The Very First by far needs the most work. Granted, it’s a damn sight better than it was prior to my radical rewrite and restructuring of 2012, but it still needs more than just a little work. There are just too many remnants of the first and second drafts, and it’s clear those bits were written at an earlier stage of my writing development.

The difference between the all-new chapters I wrote in 2012 and the leftover bits and pieces from 1993–96 (first draft) and 1998 (barely-changed second draft) are like night and day. I want the entire book to have that mature, polished feeling, and not come across like a crazy quilt of different styles.

I was really nervous about undertaking that radical rewrite and restructuring in 2012, but I knew it had to be done to turn that disjointed, underdeveloped, unfocused, far-too-short story into an actual book with a narrative. I know I can do it all over again to create the fourth and final draft. At least this time, there won’t be quite so much exhaustive work.


Still chugging along with my primary WIP, Journey Through a Dark Forest. I’m still very hopeful I’ll finish up without topping over 850K, particularly since I’m now on Chapter 112 out of a slated 116 plus the Epilogue.

I never dreamt the first draft would be nearly so long, far bypassing my generous initial guesstimate of 500K, but it is what it is. I just needed a super-huge canvas to create this story, and cutting out entire storylines and characters for no other reason than to make it comparatively shorter would change the entire book for the poorer. It wouldn’t be the same story anymore.


I went back onto my old computer awhile ago to make another potential cover for my secondary WIP, which I’m still hoping to have ready for a 12 August 2016 release (what would’ve been my protagonist’s 112th birthday). I’m really liking the newer version, though maybe if I make the subtitle smaller, it’ll remove the continued issue with the text bumping up against one of the balcony columns. Dark blue really seems to be the only color that really works with the sepia tones of the photograph. Everything else was too hard on the eyes or blended in too much.



Original version, both title and byline in Black Chancery.

AAL Cover II

Newer version, Black Chancery for the byline, Wellingborough for the title.

The annoying balcony column aside, I really like this picture for the cover since it’s not one most people have seen thousands of times already, it puts our hero front and center instead of with his family, and there’s enough space for a title and byline.


Oh, and for anyone who reads this blog on Fridays, I’ve decided to make my formerly intermittent “A primer on ______________ names” series a regular Friday feature. I’ve currently got five future posts written and scheduled—Latvian, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Romanian. All these name posts relate in some way to my writing, either because I have at least one character from that culture, or because a character or family visited or lived in that place.


10 thoughts on “IWSG—Some odds and sods

  1. You’re making progress it sounds like to me.

    Of the two covers I like the second one better. I think the more condensed lettering looks clearing and has more impact. I agree that the photo is kind of cool. There is almost a symbolism of the subject looking down towards us from somewhat afar.

    It’s a unique change of pace. Sure beats some hunk showing off his abs.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


  2. Thanks for stopping by on IWSG day! Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on, which is awesome 🙂 I need to write the ending to my WIP and then start the editing. I know there is one big section I will probably just take out.. Such is the slash and cut of editing!
    Good luck,


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