WeWriWa—Amputation Discovered


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, a weekly Sunday hop where writers share 8 sentences from a book or WIP.  Since my first Russian historical is slated for release on 7 November (available for pre-order on 28 October if all goes well), I’m skipping ahead in the story of my two Marines from my third Russian historical. Starting next week, I’d like to spend some time showcasing my first Russian novel.

Lifelong best friends Patya Siyanchuk and Rodya Duranichev were wounded at the Battle of Saipan in mid-June 1944, and both received Purple Hearts. Rodya was really upset to be told he was being honorably discharged, so he later pulled out his IVs, removed his sling, and snuck back into combat for the Battle of Tinian, despite still having a badly broken shoulder. He was wounded all over again during mop-up operations, with another sharpened bayonet to the right shoulder. After the second wounding and Purple Heart, he was sent home before he could sneak into another battle.

Patya hasn’t been nearly so lucky, and has remained unconscious for several months following his wounding and the loss of his dominant arm. When he finally wakes up, he’s in for a huge shock.


On the first day of September, Pátya’s eyes flutter open and he gradually adjusts to his foreign new surroundings.  He’s aware of strong light breaking through a window and a slight rocking sensation.  The next thing he feels is incredible pain all through his right arm.  He looks over at his left arm and sees several IVs, then over at his right arm.  A cold, sick horror fills him, and he screams over and over, his whole body violently shaking and a wave of nausea growing.

“Sgt. Siyanchuk, I’m sure you have many questions,” the doctor begins. “You’ve been here since you got wounded on June sixteenth.  Believe me, I saved as much of your arm as I could.”


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