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Yom Kippur (my favoritest holiday besides Halloween) starts at sundown on 3 October and ends the next night. If you’re observing it, may you have an easy and meaningful fast.
Shelfie Blog Hop Tara TylerHeather M. GardnerChristine RainsVikki BiramCD CoffeltM.J. FifieldElizabeth Seckman, and Rena Rocford are hosting the Shelfie Blog Hop through 6 October. Participants post photos of themselves with their bookshelves, and/or just the shelves.


I just got this bookshelf recently, and still haven’t put all my books onto it. I still have some books in storage by my ex’s parents’ cellar. I only go over there to get the rest of my stuff if I’m assured his vile Harpy mommy isn’t going to be there. Just thinking about that woman makes me unbelievably angry.


I put a fair amount of my foreign language dictionaries and instructional volumes on this shelf, but there are some others scattered about on other shelves or still in storage.


I met Eugene Pogany, the author of the family memoir on the far right (In My Brother’s Image), by a Friday night dinner at UMass Hillel. It’s about his father and uncle, identical twin brothers whose lives took very different paths due to the different religions they chose. His uncle was a Roman Catholic priest, while his father reclaimed the Judaism abandoned by their grandparents.



I have such disparate tastes.


The green horse with missing back legs was bought at the Catskill Game Farm gift shop when I was in second grade. After awhile, the legs stopped staying glued on, and they disappeared. I got the pink horse from a white elephant sale at school in sixth grade. It used to turn purple with cold air, but I haven’t seen it doing that in awhile. The little white bear is named Whitey (I was only three when I named him), and was a Christmas ornament in his previous lifetime. I just couldn’t bear to give him up after I started living a Jewish life, so he remained as a little decoration. He was my favorite Christmas ornament. (Yes, I used to celebrate Christmas, and no, I don’t wish to get into the details of my family and religious background publicly.)

The bear’s name is Branimir, a Serbian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, and Croatian name meaning “great/powerful protection,” “peaceful protection,” and “world protection.” The Polish form is Bronimir. He was a gift from my surviving uncle after my car accident in 2003. I recently named the loyal Kabardin horse of my Russian historicals Branimir as well. He’d only been nameless for 21 years! That horse was the last character I ever created on our dear 152K Mac.



I love my Russian dictionary. I’ve had it since 2000. While I’ll always have happy memories of my first Russian dictionary, which I had out of the Guilderland Library forever in 1993 and taught myself the Cyrillic alphabet from (as well as copying tons of the appendices and sample sentences, which I still have), it’s nice to have something much more modern and updated.


12 comments on “Shelfie Bloghop

  1. I love looking at people’s shelves. How interesting to take a glance at your books, stuffed animals, and records. I hope you get the rest of the books from the cellar.


  2. Wow, your shelves are so organized!


  3. Nicki Elson says:

    Those are some fabulous shelves — with wonderful memories among them. Poor green horse. I love that you kept him.

    Wishing you an enlightening fast!


  4. tara tyler says:

    How fun!!!
    I love the shelves and the cutsies and the Russian! Yay for Carrie Anne!


  5. Chrys Fey says:

    Look at all of those pictures! Your bookcase looks great and I like that you included close up pictures so we can see what books you have. 🙂


  6. Arlee Bird says:

    Nice organization. You appear to have eclectic tastes as I do. Having books in the home adds so much.

    Tossing It Out


  7. So wonderfully organized, and I love see all your little friends on the shelf too. Thanks for participating!


  8. Jocelyn Rish says:

    I almost thought I was in the wrong place when your site popped up – love the Halloween look!!

    My poor books would be sad if they saw all your wonderfully organized shelves. Mine are currently packed away in plastic bins due to lack of room. 😦


  9. Trisha says:

    Your shelves look very nice – that new bookshelf is awesome! and you look very nice as well 🙂


  10. I love everything about this post!
    Thank you for sharing!


  11. Love your Shelfie!
    You have an amazing collection…really eclectic too!
    Popping in via the hop! 🙂


  12. Great shelfies! I hope you are able to get the rest of your books soon.


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