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WeWriWa—Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day!

Yes, I really sleep under this framed poster, yes, it is kind of heavy, and no, it hasn’t fallen down and conked me on the head in the middle of the night yet.


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, a weekly Sunday hop where writers share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. In honor of today’s special holiday, I’m sharing a piece from my hiatused 1980s historical Justine Grown Up, from Chapter 54, “Irene and Amelia Redecorate Their Room.”

It’s sometime in early 1983, and Justine is getting a tour of her teenage nieces’ room. Gone are the stuffed animals and posters of cute animals which used to dominate their room. Thirteen-year-old Amelia and I have a common interest.


Amelia points to one of the brunets. “My favorite is Roger, the drummer. Most of the girls at school have other favorites, but I don’t care. I guess I just like that he’s quiet, like I am. My favorite guys at school are the quiet, shy ones.”

“You can never go wrong with a quiet one,” Justine agrees. “I think it’s safe to say that the average introvert isn’t using that as a façade for a jerkish personality. What you see is what you get.”


Synopsis for Justine Grown Up:

Justine’s jealous feelings at the birth of Julie’s first child are quickly turned around when she reconnects with David, now twenty-five and a Ph.D. student at SUNY Albany, with the five-year difference between them suddenly no longer so inappropriate. Unfortunately, her older siblings and their friends have a hard time seeing her, after years of being the precious family baby, as a grownup woman who’s old enough for marriage, motherhood, and moving out with her new family. But then, when her young nieces become Duranies, an unexpected opportunity opens up for Justine to finally prove once and for all to her family that she’s a responsible, capable, mature adult.

This near-death experience of 10 August 1985 is the reason for this holiday. I love when he says, “God, this one life we’ve got, it’s so fragile.” I had a terrifying near-death experience myself on 19 August 2003, and I too believed I was about to exit this fragile life. Luckily, the Angel of Death passed both of us over.


I started reading at three (my first book was Grimm's Fairy Tales, the uncensored adult version), started writing at four, started writing book-length things at eleven, and have been a writer ever since. I predominantly write historical fiction family sagas/series. I primarily write about young people, since I was a young person myself when I became a serious writer and didn't know how to write about adults as main characters. I only write in a contemporary setting if the books naturally go into the modern era over the course of the decades-long stories being told over many books. I've always been drawn to books, films, music, fashions, et al, from bygone eras, and have never really been too much into modern things. If something or someone has appeal for all time, it'll still be there to be discovered after the initial to-do has died down. For example, my second-favorite writer enjoyed a huge burst of popularity in the Sixties and Seventies, but he wrote his books from 1904-43, and his books still resonate today, even after he's no longer such a fad. Quality lasts for all time.

8 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day!

  1. I’m not sure you can “never go wrong” with a quiet one. They can be jerks, too.

    But it’s probably better to pick someone with a personality like hers, nonetheless. She can have some quiet dates, reading books, watching a movie, etc. 🙂


  2. I LOVED Simon LeBon when they first came out. I remember seeing Is There Something I Should Know? on MTV and immediately thinking he was just the most handsome man ever. I had the posters, the albums, the school folder with their picture on it. I think I even joined their fan club at some point and had a pen pal who was a fellow fan.


  3. So much to like about this snippet! Very true to life too (as I think back over bands I liked). Speaking as one who lives in earthquake country, never have anything on the wall above your head when you’re in bed! (That’s the part of me that tries to “mother” everyone LOL. But it is true.) Great 8!


  4. Oh Simon…sigh. I loved all the New Wave bands : ) So much fun to bring the boys into the story. Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand…(Millie starts singing as you’ve brought me back to my youth)!


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