Ready. Set. Write! Week Six


Alison MillerKaty UppermanJaime Morrow, and Erin Funk are once again hosting the summerlong Ready. Set. Write! initiative. Each week there will be a few headings, with short responses to allow for more writing time.

  • How I did on last week’s goal(s)

Even better than expected. I finished Chapter 81, “A Friend Is a Friend,” set during the first two days of the bloody Battle of Saipan, and moved onto Chapter 82, “Semper Fi.” Chapter 81 turned out one of the book’s shorter chapters, in the 3,000-word range.

  • My goal(s) for this week

Finish Chapter 82, which I’m projecting to be possibly a mid-length chapter (7,000/8,000-word range). The chapter is already well underway, and now that the Battle of Tinian is over, I won’t be slowed down by having to research what I’m writing about. This is one of the chapters that’s writing me, instead of the other way around, since I’ve had it written in my head for so long.

  • A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised

On the first day of September, Pátya’s eyes flutter open and he gradually adjusts to his foreign new surroundings.  He’s aware of strong light breaking through a window and a slight rocking sensation.  The next thing he feels is incredible pain all through his right arm.  He looks over at his left arm and sees several IVs, then over at his right arm.  A cold, sick horror fills him, and he screams over and over, his whole body violently shaking and a wave of nausea growing.

“Sgt. Siyanchuk, I’m sure you have many questions,” the doctor begins. “You’ve been here since you got wounded on June sixteenth.  Believe me, I saved as much of your arm as I could.”

  • The biggest challenge I faced this week

Once again, finding a balance between writing and research. My bibliography file is really filling up, as I add in all the sources I’ve consulted for the history-heavy chapters. I owe especial thanks to the United States Marine Corps for having such detailed historical monographs about their battles during WWII, and making them available for free online. I’m so glad I decided to make two of my characters Marines instead of all Army!

  • Something I love about my WIP

I’ve really enjoyed reading about the three Pacific battles which figure in the book (Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian). It’s not fun to read about how many brave Marines and Navy guys were killed in action, but I’m inspired by how they kept pushing on even in the face of such obstacles, and such barbarism from the Japanese. It’s a shame how a lot of people just aren’t as familiar with the Pacific Theatre of WWII as they are with the European Theatre, to say nothing of the complete unfamiliarity with the China-India-Burma Theatre.

7 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Write! Week Six

  1. I’m less familiar with the Pacific Theatre of WWII mainly because I’m Canadian and our country’s focus was in Europe. That said, my husband and I have been learning more about the Pacific. All war is terrible, but that particular theatre was especially bad.

    Good job getting so much work done this week. Hope the coming week is just as productive!


  2. Have you seen Band of Brothers or Pacific? I still want to see Pacific, but my husban is obsessed with Band of Brothers. When we were in Normandy we had the chance to see all of Winters memorabilia and it was such a neat experience. I think it’s so easy to get lost in the deep history of that war, and I love that you’re exploring the side of it that often gets forgotten. But maybe set an alarm for yourself to limit how much time you spend researching vs. writing. 😉


  3. That’s great that you did even better than you expected on your goals this week! I love it when that happens! Wishing you another equally productive week!


  4. I love how you put this: This is one of the chapters that’s writing me, instead of the other way around, I’ve never heard it put that way before, but that does happen sometimes and isn’t it great when it does!


  5. A chapter writing me – what an awesome way to put that! I love when that happens. I am working on a series of scenes I’ve had in my brain since WiP conception and that’s kind of what’s happening on my end too. Great stuff!

    Good luck with your goals this week!


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