Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, a weekly Sunday hop where writers share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. For a little while, I’ll continue to share from Little Ragdoll, the book I just released on June 20th.
Little Ragdoll Cover

Five-year-old Adicia has just arrived at the Upper West Side Woolworth’s with her four closest sisters and their surrogate mother, but their excitement at going uptown is short-lived. A number of her older sisters’ classmates are also there, girls who live in the gentrified portion of the Lower East Side which is destined to break off into the East Village. These girls aren’t shy about mocking the Troys, even in front of their mothers.


“If it isn’t the raggedy Troy girls,” Jeanie Mraz says snidely. “I see your unpaid nanny came instead of your real mother.  I suppose your mother knew she’d get kicked out if she came here drunk or smelling of drugs.”

“Our mother works, unlike yours,” Lucine says. “It must be too hard for you to understand that some women work and don’t have the luxury of spending the day at home.”

“Your mother doesn’t even have a real job, like a nurse or secretary.  She doesn’t do important work.  What’s her record for holding a job, a month, two months?”

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10 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Mean Girls at Woolworth’s

  1. I agree with Veronica. Although they’re unpleasant, it’s very realistic for girls their age, especially in groups like that. I’m so glad she stood up to them!


  2. Oh yikes…attitudes and bullying don’t change over the years, do they? I remember being teased for wearing clothes from KMart. “Woowoo, blue light special….” I think many folks know what this feels like and can sympathize with the girls.


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