What’s Up Wednesday


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What I’m Reading

Still reading Graham Nash’s autobiography Wild Tales. I still like his music, but I kind of like him as a person less now. He just doesn’t come across very well, particularly with all the unnecessary vulgarity and bragging on himself. It kind of reminds me of Andy Taylor’s whiny, self-serving, blaming everyone but himself, egotistical memoir Wild Boy. Although at least that book had more interesting details about some things, and some personality showed through.

What I’m Writing

Editing away on Little Ragdoll, not quite halfway through, and extremely excited and pleased to have slowly whittled it down to 373,000 words and 892 pages. I was a little too conservative during my other edits. Now I’m taking out even more excess verbiage, unnecessary lines, overstated information, etc. I also took out a fair bit of the oversharing in Chapter 20, “Introducing Lenore.” Allen and his sisters are telling her way too much backstory and personal information when they’ve just met, and Lenore does a little oversharing too! Can’t believe I never realised that till my last round of edits. I also added a line about how Lenore has a strong Brooklyn accent.

Another small but important change was how Adicia carries her one-year-old nephew Giovanni when she and Justine walk from Tompkins Square Park to the Bowery Mission at night after the fire. Now Adicia puts him in her schoolbag like a papoose, instead of having that unrealistic 20-pound weight in the baby bag over her shoulder. She’s not quite eight, and couldn’t carry 20 pounds like that!

“Trim Size and Your Novel” really put my mind at ease at being able to fit even my biggest behemoths into the 900-page maximum at Lightning Source. It gave me a clear picture of how word count translates into page count per the trim size you choose. I’m safe to use 5.5″ x 8.5″ for books under 500 pages, and 6″ x 9″ for my weightier books. I’m glad I already decided it’s best to publish my third Russian historical in four volumes, for the size as well as how there are natural breaks, like each Part is its own self-sustained story.

What Inspires Me

Deciding to go indie and make my lifelong dream come true reminds me of the song my dance class from Tina Marie’s Dance Studio performed to in May or June 1992:

I was twelve years old, in sixth grade, the oldest girl in the class. My fifth grade friend and I were the only ones whose sequined costumes were tailored for bustlines. All the other dancers were little, in third grade and below. I’ve forgotten the steps, but I always remembered our song and what a special thing it was to dance onstage in a big show with lots of other dance troupes. I wasn’t expected to graduate elementary school because of my then-undiagnosed Asperger’s, and I went on to dance in public and do a lot of other things no one ever thought I’d accomplish.

What Else I’m Up To

Trying to decide if I want to create my own publishing company (as a sole proprietorship) to give my books more legitimacy, or go with the very tempting chance to have cheap ISBNs from a Canadian indie company. It should not be legal for Bowker to have a monopoly on ISBNs in the U.S., and to charge such exorbitant prices. If 1,000 ISBNs cost $1,000, at $1 each, then why is a single ISBN $125? And why force people to buy an ISBN for each book format? Since IndieBookLauncher is Canadian, they can offer free ISBNs to clients, even outside of Canada. ISBNs should be free everywhere.

Also not sure if it’s the greatest idea to register my own publishing company when I’m not in a permanent residence, and am strongly considering moving out of the area, or even the state, after I have my degree. I’d need to register all over again. It also sucks that I’d have to go down to the county clerk in downtown Albany, where parking is notoriously horrible, and all the one-way streets make it hard to get in and out. The one thing stopping me from going downtown more often is parking. Downtown Albany is best when you don’t have a car.


8 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

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  2. I opted to form my own LLC publishing company to indie publish. It’s more expensive up front, and more work, but there are benefits too. Which it sounds like you already know about. I don’t know anything about this Canadian Indie Book Launcher company, but it would probably worthwhile to find a few writers who have used them in the past and ask for their feedback. Do they have forums or other easy way to contact people?

    Best of luck with all your writing, revising, and publishing endeavors. Have a great week.


  3. I’ve also read a few biographies and memoirs that turned me off of the author (Eat, Pray, Love, for one). And some celebrity bios you can tell whether their lives are actually interesting or if things just happen to them and they aren’t very interesting people themselves.

    Cutting wordcount is tough! I learned this viscerally with my last edit. I removed entire chapters where nothing was wrong with the writing but it was a subplot that no longer fit.


  4. I think one of the most exciting things in revisions is hitting that delete key. Like you, in the first through readthroughs I was WAY too conservative with my edits. At some point I just started getting ruthless with it and it was kind of exhilarating. I bookmarked that Trim Size and Your Novel link that you shared. Very interesting and it might come in handy down the road. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week, Carrie-Anne!


  5. Wow, I had no idea it was cheaper to purchase ISBNs in Canada than in the US. Interesting information. Sounds like you’re making some great headway with your edits. I find I get more ruthless with each read through. I think maybe it’s because I finally just want the process to be over lol. Have a great week!


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