WeWriWa—Bazaar Surprise


Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, a weekly Sunday hop where writers share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. I’ve been sharing from Chapter 60 of my WIP, Journey Through a Dark Forest, which is set from 1933-48, on three continents and at least 15 countries. Most of the action takes place in the U.S., the USSR, and Iran.

Alina Petropashvili was on her way home from the bazaar in the heavily Georgian neighborhood of Fereydunshahr, Iran when she noticed a very beaten-up-looking man collapsing and begging for food and water. Against her usual instinct, she went back to help him. She’s already given him water and walnuts, but she starts to wonder just who he is, and if she should get out of this situation.


As he’s chewing the walnuts, she catches him alternately staring at her multicolored felt bag and the teardrop-shaped emerald ringed by tiny onyxes on the gold chain around her neck.  She starts to wonder if he could be a thief, and only is so beaten-up because he was thrown out of his band or ran across a bigger and badder criminal.  She’s always been very careful to avoid pickpockets and thieves in the bazaar, and hasn’t even given to beggars.  One can never be too careful, even if that means assuming the worst of everyone and not believing someone’s really crippled, blind, or sick.  But this man clearly is very injured and weak, and would have to be a madman to do this to himself as part of some elaborate ruse for money and free food.  Nevertheless, she decides to extricate herself from this situation by locating a doctor and directing him to this man.

He grabs her knees as she’s getting up. “Alína Pétropashvili?”


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