WeWriWa—Secret Meeting

Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. The scenes I’ve been sharing recently are currently placed in my fourth Max’s House book, though it’s grown obvious over time that much of the material in the fourth through sixth Max’s House books are more suited to my magnum opus Cinnimin.

One week after they met, Cinnimin Filliard has snuck over to see Levon Kevorkian while his hosts are away at church. Meanwhile, Cinni’s friends believe she’s getting dirt on their frenemy Adeline to destroy the joke of a club Adeline started in opposition to their own new club. Cinni has first surprised Levon by saying she came over to see him, not Elaine or Max, and then shocked him even more by taking out cigarettes.


“You already know I curse as well as any guy.  Why would you expect I don’t smoke as well?  Next month makes one year I’ve been smoking.  My mom is so stupid she thinks these are colored pencils.”

“What does your father think about them?”

“My daddy died right after my tenth birthday.  He had rheumatic fever the summer I was six, and his heart got weaker over the next few years.” She bit down hard on her lower lip.


The original reason for Mr. Filliard’s death was the kind of thing you only can come up with when you’re twelve and have a richly overactive imagination. He had some “local STD” called WARDS, Weakness Acquired Reproductive Deficiency Syndrome, which I think was my attempt at some fictitious, premodern disease like AIDS.

It was important to the storyline of my first three chronological Atlantic City books that he have a similar condition that he knows is slowly killing him. I chose rheumatic fever as the replacement, knowing that’s what ultimately led to Lou Costello’s early death.

7 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Secret Meeting

  1. Interesting background information you shared also – I enjoy these extra glimpses into the whys & wherefores of your stories. The snippet was excellent, very realistic the way she’s so tough and brassy – smoking! – but actually soft inside. Awww! Great 8!


  2. She bit her lip–finally, something that seems to have slowed her down, made her connect deeply enough to a solemn event to stop her feistiness for a minute or two. Wonderful snippet, Carrie-Anne. Good bit of insight into Cinni’s character. 🙂


  3. Aw, a hint of the softness under that tough exterior. Don’t give up on her, Levon!

    I was wondering about those colorful cigarettes. It’s an interesting detail–I had no idea they came in colors like that–and I guess neither does Cinni’s mom.


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