WeWriWa—Secret Meeting

Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. Though the material I’ve been sharing from has long been placed in the fourth book of my Max’s House series, over time it’s become obvious that much the material in the fourth through sixth books really belongs in my handwritten magnum opus Cinnimin. When I finally go to start transcribing, editing, rewriting, and revising after all these years, I’ll need to make a lot of decisions about which material should overlap, which should be switched out entirely, and which should become only a minor part of the books meant to focus on Max’s family.

It’s now been a week since Cinnimin Filliard met her future husband Levon Kevorkian, though things haven’t gotten off to the greatest start. While Cinni hasn’t been able to stop thinking of him, her feathers are extremely ruffled over their disastrous encounter in the school cafeteria during Levon’s first day at School of Atlantic City. (The school in my fictitious Atlantic City neighborhood houses K-12, plus an optional junior college track. It was strongly based on my elementary school, which was razed to the ground a number of years ago, and my junior high.)

Cinni has told her friends she’s getting dirt on their frenemy Adeline, who’s started a club in opposition to their own new club. Before she does that, however, she sneaks over to see Levon, and overhears the end of a shouting match between his host Tiffany Seward and her father. Mr. Seward is outraged to discover his daughter has been keeping three immigrants in the mansion. After the Sewards have left for church, Cinni steels herself for this encounter.


Cinnimin crept along to the front of the mansion, raised the door knocker, banged it against the door loudly, then started ringing the bell.  They couldn’t be gone already, could they?  If Mr. Seward had threatened the eloquent immigrant boy she was so taken with…

Levon opened the door, his eyes widening when he saw the visitor. “If you want Elaine or Max, they just left for church.”

“I actually came to see you.  But don’t get any ideas.  To answer the question you asked last week, there’s a guy named Todd Yastrezhembsky-Yavlinsky, who may or may not want to be my boyfriend.”


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